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10 Mile Race Training

Training Guide for 10 Mile Race

MAY 25 2010

Preparing for 10 mile race training implies you have to work twin fold. Firstly, you should be working hard before the race and secondly you have to put double the effort on the due date of the race also. This way you can hope to achieve the required results on the 10 mile race training.

10 mile race is by all means a big event and needs enough of hard work and active participation if you want to win the race. But the race requires effective training since it is a far bigger event than the others. There are a few people who get confused with the 10 mile race and 10k run, both are different since 10 mile race is a longer event than 10k. So when you have prepared your mind to go for 10 mile race, make it sure that you have a proper strategy in mind.

Strategy for the Race Day

When you are in the race, you need to feel relaxed and run comfortably for 5-6 miles, it is only after that that you need to add pace to your running. If you start fast from the very first mile then surely you will end feeling tired by the time you reach the last 10 mile. You need to be steady while running and maintain a proper running pace. When you have crossed 6-8 miles you can think about increasing the pace but if you are not comfortable you stay on the old pace. Don’t try to move ahead of other runners here in this stage rather run with them. You also need to keep your breathing relaxed. But once you have reached the 9 mile mark you need to gear work since the basic run starts from here only. From here only you have to keep yourself focused. Once you are in between the 9-10 mile you should start running ahead of other runners. You need to have maximum potential during this phase and you should put in your maximum energy, this is the most important mile for you.

Preparing for the Race

Those who are running the race, need to maintain a goal and try to achieve the same with all fervour. You also have to mileage base for your running which may range from 25-30 miles per week. In between you should go for a long run per week of around 8-10 miles. Start your training from six months before, where you need to put emphasis on your running pattern and strength training. Go for cross country training so as to build yourself up and prepare for the race. Opt for a training programme which will make you aware of the running and how to achieve the limit within the time frame.

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