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10K Run in June

Participating in 10K Run

APR 28 2010

There are a large number of people who are keen to take participate in 10K run. The 10K run in June draws lots of people and the aim of the events across the world is to promote awareness for one thing or the other. The winners are provided with medals.

10 k run takes place in different parts of the world and at different times. It is around 6.2 miles run and you can take part in the run if you have successfully trained yourself for the same which includes working on your body language and the pace.

In many countries the 10K run is organised with a view to draw funds for various charities and thus people actively participate in the same.

Dream Mile 5K/10K Run/Walk

The aim of the Dream Mile 10K run is to spread awareness about the pathetic plight of the deprived and despondent children as well as to raise funds for them. People in large numbers take part in the run in different cities of America. The race takes place in the month of June and it is free for children under 12 years of age. You have to get yourself registered for the event and also get the number pinned up on the T shirt. With regard to the timings and the individual ranks, the decision of the professional timing company is going to be the final.

Idyllwild 10K Fun and Fitness Run

It takes place in the month of June and begins at around 7:45 am. The running event is one of the most sought out events in view the scenic locales of the Idyllwild which is considered as a mountain village. It is more of a fun run since apart from running on the picturesque locales you can enjoy the lunch at the various exquisite restaurants, shop in the nearby market, and go for hiking in the nearby mountains. If you love the fish, then surely you can go for fish catching also in the lakes nearby. The runners both in the male and female categories are awarded the custom medallions apart from the special awards. The top three winners are presented the awards. You need to get yourself registered for the race and take your T shirts before time. The post race ceremony is a must to be watched out for.

Bellin Run

It is an annual run which is held in the Green Bay, Wisconsin. It takes place on every second Saturday in the month of June. It is considered to be one of the largest races and a great sporting event of the country. The aim of the run is to promote cardiovascular fitness. The event has been taking place since the past 34 years, the aim is to make the youth inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop healthy habits.

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