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10K Run in November

Participating in 10 Kilometre Run

MAY 11 2010

Participating in 10k run is a dream come true for every runner, both men and women take part in the 10k run. 10 k run in November is held in various cities. Thousands of runners participate in the event. Runners start practising from around six months before the run to actively become a part of the race.

10K run is one of the most sought after event in the runner’s world. Most of the runners make it a point to participate in the event and thereby practise hard to take part in the run. 10k run is organised in many cities in the month of November. Thousand love to become a part of the run being held in various countries.

10k Run in London

An annual 10k run is held in London, UK which is organised by Nike. Runners actively participate in the event since they carry different themes every year. The marketing campaigns are also different each year and hence you are made part of a different kind of 10 k run every year. As many as 10,000 runners participate in the run and all are made to wear the T shirts of the same colour. It could be yellow, pink or blue, it differs every year. The most interesting aspects are the themes like in one of the years it was “who came first-Chicken or the Eggs” or ‘choosing virtual coaches’ by the runners or ‘Go Nocturnal’. These themes give a new look to the running. In different years, different types of themes, T shirts are provided to the runners. In some of the years as many as 30,000 people participated. The main run had a very long route. It took place in different cities of London simultaneously like in Battersea, Hyde and Victoria Park. The main 10k run is said to be second in popularity, the London British 10K occupying the top slot. 5k runs also take place in London which is also an entertaining event.

Pine Ridge 10K

It takes place in the month of November and begins at around 10:30 am. Both men and women take part in the run and it is held in Wisley Lane, Wisley, Surrey. With regard to the prizes being offered, the first three men and women are offered T shirts and prizes. As far as facilities are concerned you have parking facilities over there. Good hygienic washrooms are also available. You can get the entry form via the official website and fill online form. 10k multi terrain race is part of the event.

Brooks Brighton 10K

It offers a beautiful landscape. The run starts from the seafront of Brighton and Hove and finishes on the Madeira Drive. Age requirements is 16 and above. It begins at 10 am.

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