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10k Run Training Schedule

Training Programme for 10K Run

MAY 13 2010

In order to participate in the 10k you need to get an effective 10k run training schedule. Keep a goal in your mind, analyse your body type. Remember rest is also essential. Don’t over stress yourself. Make a proper training programme for 10k which you should follow accordingly. Don’t ignore fluids and diet.

When you intend to run for 10k make sure you have chalked out an effective training schedule for yourself. It is only then possible to run effectively in the final 10k. But the schedule may differ depending upon whether you are a beginner in running or you are an advanced runner. You need to develop the programme under the expert guidance of a coach who can enable you to know what is good for your running.

Make Proper Running Routine

You need to begin slowly when you begin the run and start running for 20-30 minutes per day and six days a week are enough for you. One day you need to go for the break so as to give time to your body to relax. It is better if you design a running chart for yourself. Keep a stopwatch with you to realise how much fast you are running in the desired time limit. You can also check your heart rate by using heart monitors. Keep aside three of the running days for running at least 3-6 miles.

But if fatigue sets in, take off the time from running schedule and take rest or else run for only 2 miles instead of 6.

Go for Effective Running

You can opt for tempo runs which are essential in building your running pace. But the peak periods should come in between the runs neither at the beginning nor at the end of the run. Do stretching before you begin to run, warm up is equally important in this regard. Warming up your body before running fast is helpful for your body to become adopted to your running strategies.

Apart from running, what matters is finding a pace in which you feel comfortable. Remember you need to make your body enduring enough to keep up the motivation limits high till the end of the run.

When you begin the training you may start with just 2-3miles but then you may keep adding the miles week after week and thereon put emphasis on the mileage.

As the weeks progresses you also need to modify your running schedule accordingly depending upon the progress you have made. Before the final 10k you should be able to analyse whether you have accomplished the goals which you have set.

What you eat during the running schedule matters a lot. Try to have a high carbohydrate diet including pasta, lots of vegetables and fruits. Don’t over eat. Keep a water bottle handy so that your body doesn’t become dehydrated over the entire running programme.

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