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10k Running Events in July

July 10K Running Events

JUN 17 2010

July running events are organised with much fervour. Apart from the 10K running events in July, 5K runs and walk too are held. You need to apply beforehand if you wish to take part in the run. The Association for Cancer Research, San Diego organises running events in the month of July. The scenic beauty makes these runs even more entertaining.

Various running challenges around the world takes place in the month of July, which are attended by thousands of people with much fervour. The Association for Cancer Research organises a number of running events across the year. Being an experienced runner is not at all made the criteria of running; rather anyone who has an interest and wants to run can participate in the events. In the month of July two big events are organised.
Gold Coast Airport Marathon

The event is organised in the month of July and you can apply online. But before that you need to be aware of the various terms and conditions like there is no refund, you cannot collect the kit on the day of the race, you need to apply for the race before hand. You can also appear for various events but you need to apply separately for each event.

Zermatt Marathon

The race starts at St. Niklaus and finishes at the Riffelberg. Situated thousands of kilometres above the sea level, this place is known for its serene beauty and that makes the race even more enjoyable. The place is also said to be rich in wildlife so the runners are sure to meet some of the wildlife creatures on the way and this in turn add more excitement to the run.

San Diego too organises a number of running events in the month of July. The annual Coronado is a 15K/5K run and walk which begins and finishes at the Tidelands Park. The American society too organises the race as a means of awareness of the cancer amongst the citizens. It is a 24 hours relay run. Apart from this, San Diego also organises the Scripps Ranch 10K and 2 mile fun run. There are a number of events and parties hosted after the race is over and this makes it worth participating.

The Blue Ribbons 5K and 10 K Run

Takes in the month of July in the Memorial Park of Greene St, if you prefer you can simply walk also. The funds which are raised from this run are given to the Silverton Youth Center. The run takes you through the beauty of the river and the woods. The San Juan Mountains by the side ensures a cool run all the way through.

Hard Rock 100 Mile Run

The run starts at the San Juan Mountains and is a 100 mile Endurance run. You will be a witness to a number of beautiful peaks on the way. The event will take place on the 9th July-11th July 2010.

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