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111th Boston Marathon 2007, April 16

Boston Marathon 2007 Report

JAN 30 2008

The Boston Marathon 2007 is one of the most celebrate marathons in the world; the first of which was run in 1897. One of the most enduring controversies that surround this marathon is the relatively few American athletes placing at the top. This year, only five US runners made it in top 10 men and 10 women.

The Boston Marathon 2007 is one of most celebrated sporting events of the year.

Boston Marathon 2007
Course: 26 miles, 385 yards
Race Date: Apr 16, 2007
Course Closing Time: 6 hours 30 minutes
City: Boston
Organizer: Boston Athletic Association
Principal Sponsor: John Hancock Financial Service
Registration: Started Sept, 2006
Fees: $110 (USD) - US Residents, $150 - International
Participants Capacity: 25,000
Treated at Hospital/Medical Station:
Runners Started: 20646
Runners Finished: 20338
Temperature: 46F+(9:00AM)
Winner: Robert K. Cheruiyot (Kenya) (2 hours, 14 minutes, 13 seconds)
Race result:
Race Video:

It is also considered as the world’s oldest and most prestigious annual marathon, and only one of five of the world’s greatest races. This sporting event traces it roots way back in 1897.

History of Boston Marathon

Back then, the city of Boston still sponsored the event, and it was held for the city’s local residents only. It was inspired by the success of the first modern day marathon held in the Summer Olympics of the previous year. The first few races were “free” races, with the winners awarded with nothing more than a wreath of olive branches woven together; and marathon applicants would do no more than register hours before the actual race. It was only in 1986 when the first cash prize was awarded to the marathon winners; and fees were accepted before the race begun.

The Boston Marathon has always had a very colorful history: from the integration of women runners, to the integration of handicap athletes and the debates over controversial entrants and winners. Perhaps one of the most predominant controversies that surround this marathon is the number of foreign top placers.

The issue here is not about the number of foreign entrants to the marathon, because runners from all over the world are actually invited to join the run. Rather, it is the fact that there are relatively few American runners who successfully cross the finish line in the top spots. For sports enthusiasts, this reflects the reason as to why very few American athletes win international races on a much broader scale.

Among the 2007 Boston Marathon finishers, only 5 were representative of the US.

Boston Marathon 2007 at a Glance

Today, BAA or the Boston Athletic Association manages the race. This event attracts amateur and professional runners from all over the world. It also attracts all kinds of sponsors, fund raisers and charities. The Boston Marathon 2007 live broadcast garnered the most number of commercial spots; and the Boston Marathon 2007 live coverage was one of the most downloaded (human) racing events.

Charities and fundraisers also staked their claim on this annual marathon by sponsoring runners and selling merchandise associated with their causes. The 2007 Boston Marathon merchandise is also one of the biggest money making enterprise of the event.

This year, the Boston Marathon was held of April 17, 2007, and entrants to the race had to endure both rough terrain and rough weather. The Boston Marathon 2007 route is 26.22 miles, running through the hills of Boston’s Route 135, Route 16, Route 30 and finally ending at Copley Square near Boston Public Library. The scorching heat and the unusually high humidity contributed much to the hardship of this year’s marathoners.

2007 Boston Marathon Results

The 2007 Boston Marathon winners are:

Women’s division: Lidiya Grigoryeva from Russia (# 1); J. Prokopcuka (Lat); M. Perez (Mex); R. Jeptoo (Ken); D. Kastor (USA); R.T. Guta (Eth); A. Chelangat (Ken); A. Alyanak (USA); K. Price (USA); and M. Akor (USA).

Men’s division: Robert K. Cheruiyot from Kenya (# 1); J. Kwambai (Ken); S. Kiogora (Ken); J. Koskei (Ken); T. Wodajo (Eth); B. Maiyo (Eth); R. Pertile (Ita); P. Gilmore (USA); S. Ndereba (Ken); and R. Cheboror (Ken).

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