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2008 Berlin Marathon

Berlin Marathon 2008 at a Glance

APR 22 2008

I have an extreme passion for running, so I make sure to join all the international running competition or convention.

One of the running events that I am looking forward to is the Berlin Marathon 2008. This will be held on September 27-28, 9 a.m. and will be participated by runners from all over the world. I am really excited about being part of this running convention, as the Berlin Marathon is an annual event where participants from over 100 nations will join.

The September month is a favorable time of the year to hold this marathon event. During this month, the weather is warm and sunny, as this was also the time when summer will end, and the start of the winter season will begin the next month. As an experienced runner, as I have doing this for many years, I have to make sure to bring with me the proper attire for running. When I run, I wear cotton t-shirt and shorts, but when the weather is cold, I wear hooded sweatshirt and long jogging pants. I also wear shoes that are tailor-made for running great distance.

I have also been hearing that some running events prohibit the use of ipods and other music players as most participants do not hear the organizers when they are saying something really important in a loudspeaker. There has been an incident when runners using music players didnít hear the organizers announcing to them to stop running as the weather is becoming hotter and more humid. As a result, most of the runners suffered from heatstroke.

For those people who want to join running events such as the Berlin Marathon, all I can say is that they have to prepare themselves physically as they have to build a strong endurance for running long distance.

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