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3 Steps to Buy Your Trail Gears for the Trip

Buying Guide for Trailing Gears

AUG 21 2008

Your trail gear will depend on the purpose of your trip. Is it a weekend hike? Is it an outdoor adventure? Itís a good idea to first sit down and identify the purpose of your trip before purchasing equipment.

Hereís a simple guideline when selecting the appropriate trail gear.

First, identify the purpose of your trip.

Allocating time for this will help you write down an effective action plan to accomplish your purpose. With a well written plan, you now can prepare the appropriate trail gear to help you on your trip.

Second, research the web for equipment that you can use in your trailing activity.

Basing it from your plan, try to list down the gears you think you can use for such a trip. Then browse and search the internet. Survey the web to find companies that specialize in tools for trailing. Jot down a few companies that interest you. Check their tool selection as well as their price range for each tool. Determine if they have the equipment you need for your trip. If you have the time, you can read reviews about their gears. This can actually save your time and money. It will help you avoid unnecessary purchasing of equipment that won’t help you complete your task. Then, schedule your time to visit these stores that you deem fit to help you. Gather your tool supplies. It won’t hurt if you ask for recommendations too!

Third, travel light but remember to bring the essentials.

Trailing can be tiresome activity especially if you carry heavy equipment with you as you trek your destination. You need to prioritize the gear you will bring and use. Again it will depend on the purpose of your trip. Here’s a list of the common trail gears you may want to add to your plans.

  • Footwear
    There are several selections for footwear. You have footwear for mountaineering. There are specific foot shoes for hiking and there are trail running shoes. There’s even footwear for water trekking like water shoes. Again it will depend on the purpose of your trip.
  • Clothing
    You need clothing that is light to carry but can keep you warm like jackets, shirts, and other clothing accessories. Make sure you bring just the right amount of clothing to wear.
  • Navigating equipment
    You need maps, compasses, binoculars, and a GPS tracking system. These are essential tool to have and are helpful incase you get lost.
  • Backpacks
    You need to invest on a backpack that’s durable and comfortable to carry. It should have adequate space to carry your essentials. Try to purchase packs with internal frames so your packs are sturdier.
  • Lights
    You need lighting gear to help you trail when it’s dark. Some prefer to use headlights so their hands are free. Others want to use the conventional flashlight. What about using night vision tools? You could also use them.
  • Sleeping systems
    There are number of sleeping bags to choose from. Some sleeping bags have warming pads. Some have built in pillows in them. Choose a sleeping bag that is appropriate.
  • Trekking poles or hiking staffs
    Poles and staffs are very useful during trailing. It not only aids you when you walk but it also can help you protect yourself against predators.
  • Shelters
    There are different tents used for sheltering, some tents are made for all seasons. They refer to them as four season tents. There are tents for warm weathers too. Find a tent type that fits your task.
  • Miscellaneous gear
    There are several miscellaneous gears like a stove, water storage, knives, cooking utensils and maybe even a rifle.  

Truly, selecting the right trail gear to use entirely depends on the purpose of your trip. Careful planning and preparation is needed to accomplish your goal. With the right plan equipped with the right trail gear, you’re halfway to accomplishing your task.

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