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33rd ING Amsterdam Marathon Sunday 19 October 2008

Join the 33rd ING Amsterdam Marathon

APR 9 2008

I have an extreme passion for running, so I make sure to join all the international running competition or convention.

One of the running events that I am looking forward to is the ING Amsterdam Marathon. The affair will be held on October 19, Sunday. It is a 7.5-kilometer long distance run that will start in Amsterdam Olympic Stadium and will end on the same place. The event organizers are expecting thousands of marathon runners to join and will attract many spectators.

33rd ING Amsterdam Marathon Sunday 19 October 2008

Last year, the ING Amsterdam Marathon run has covered 5-kilometer distance. But because of the roadmap followed by the runners, they missed some of the remarkable landmarks Amsterdam has to offer. Realizing this, the organizers this year decided to extend the distance with 2.5 kilometer in order for the participants to see the highlights of this beautiful and historic city. They will pass along Rijksmuseum and the Vondelpark, places that are truly spectacular and breathtaking.

Anyone who is interested to join the ING Amsterdam Marathon must register and sign up for this event. Of course, if he or she would wish to finish the long distance run, months of preparation are needed. As an experienced runner myself, I always advice people who want to join the marathon event to be physically fit. Cardiovascular and aerobics exercises can help strengthen the body's stamina needed for long distance run.

The ING Amsterdam Marathon is great not just for rookies and experienced runners like me, but also for families and their children.

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