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5 Benefits of Exercise

Understanding Exercise Benefits

APR 13 2011

Understanding exercise benefits are a must if you are a regular runner or jogger. You need to know that there are 5 benefits of exercise which can be termed as the basic benefits. It has a number of health benefits, helps in fighting depression, it is a great stress reliever and boosts self esteem.

Exercises is said to be good for not just the younger people but even for older people. In fact the older people need to exercise more as it will help them in confronting the ageing process more.

Health Benefits:

  • Your body muscles become more flexible and thereby your muscular strength also increases which is very much important for your body.
  • Exercise is known to be good for those suffering from diabetes since it is known to regulate the glucose level.
  • If you are the one who is suffering from sleep disturbance then this will matter all the more as exercise if done on a daily basis will help you get rid of sleep anxiety.

Exercise helps in Fighting Depression:

  • In the present day world, owing to our increasing tougher lifestyle, depression is becoming one of the commonest of all the problems. However it is not difficult to cure the same and regular exercise is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the same.
  • Exercise is known to bring more of challenges and it boosts your self confidence if you have been feeling low all the way.
  • It is essential that in order to get rid of depression you should go out in the park and exercise, rather than in indoors.

Great Stress Reliever:

  • Various studies have suggested that exercise is a great stress reliever also.
  • When you are in a job or work which demands too much stress then surely you need to spend some time in exercising also.
  • Exercise helps in the reduction of the stress hormones from getting released from the body.

Exercise helps in Increasing Learning:

  • Exercise is found to help in the growth of brain cells which are responsible for our learning process.
  • A number of sports like playing tennis, dancing which requires much of complications are found to be great booster in the learning process.
  • In all these you have to give prime emphasis on coordination with your partner and hence it is more challenging. This way our concentration is increased.

Improving Self Esteem:

  • A number of studies have revealed that if you do normal exercises like running, cycling, swimming all these are known to improve your self esteem.
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