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A Goal Helps In Running More

Setting a Goal before Running

APR 20 2008

I am just a beginner in the sports of running but I have learned that running is much like life. Like life, running requires hard work, determination and patience. One would experience joys and pains, setbacks and challenges, failure and success. Like life, I have learned that to develop the perseverance in running and to learn not to give up, one must set his/her own reasons or goals why one is running.

One must visualize what one wants in order to serve both as an inspiration, a guiding path and a future that one looks forward to. I therefore encourage everyone to create their own goals both in running and in life. Some say it helps if you put together some sort of a goal board where you write and put pictures or images of your goals in running.

That way you stay focused and are always reminded of why you are doing what you are doing and to serve an encouragement to continue on even if the task seems insurmountable. Putting up signs or pictures inside my room or even just imagining what I want to happen help me and give me strength to continue running, to continue and not stop until I reach my goal.

I am generally not a fan of running or any other outdoor sports for that matter. My personality as an introvert had led me to enjoy the indoors, to appreciate a good book, or a warm fireplace or maybe just a good movie. But when I entered college I met some people who have introduced me to running. At first I thought it was lame. How can anybody call running a sport? I mean everybody runs right? If one walks then one runs. Itís as simple as that, or so I thought. I started running because I didnít want to disappoint my new friends and because I wanted to lose some weight and become healthier. But as time went by, as meters turned into kilometers, I learned that running isnít merely a physical activity comparable to eating or sleeping or writing. It is a sport that requires skill, determination, training and focus. It is a sport wherein one develops patience, perseverance and discipline. Now, running for me has been a way of life. It has taught me so much and I have discovered so much of myself while Iím running. I have learned to listen more to myself, to be quiet and to contemplate on the things that have happened in my life. I can honestly say that running has made me stop and face myself. It had made grow.

But even if I have learned to love running so much, the old me sometimes creep in and get the better of me. I sometimes lose sight of what I have learned and what I have discovered. In order to avoid this, I have set a few goals for myself. I also wrote down the reasons why I love running so much and how much it has changed my life. One of the goals that I have set is to push myself to the limit. To discover what I can do and be a better runner by trying to beat myself. I discovered that being a competitor of myself is more fun than trying to compete with others. I am driven to be better and I always win in the end. I also made it my goal to finally reach my dream weight. I know it may be juvenile but I learned that it helps to set a goal and see concrete results. I still love running but setting goals has let me appreciate running more. I hope it will do the same to you.

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