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Abdominal Cramps after Running

How to Prevent Abdominal Cramps

MAY 6 2010

How to prevent abdominal cramps is essential to understand if you are a runner. Runners tend to suffer from abdominal cramps after running if they neglect the needs of their body; eating rightly and drinking lots of water is a sure shot to avoid these cramps. Proper exercising too plays a role.

Abdominal pain is a frequent problem being witnessed by the runners. This may happen due to over stressing yourself. But it should in no way be neglected. A sudden shift in the sports can add an extra burden on the muscles which too may become a cause of the pain.

Cause of Abdominal Cramps

The way the body moves during running often becomes a cause of abdominal cramps. This happens if you are a beginner and you don’t know the basics of running. Sometime excessive bouncing too leads to cramps. The body motion can cause the organs of the body to become stretched out and thereby cramps may occur. The pain in most of the runners occurs either on the side of the abdomen or in the stomach itself.

Running is one of the prime reasons responsible for gastrointestinal problems, thereby leading to cramps, vomiting, nausea and various other symptoms. Marathon runners and the triathletes are known to suffer from the same more often than those who opt for swimming and cycling.

Factors Responsible for Cramps

Dehydration is known to be one of the prime factors responsible for the same. If you neglect water, then surely stomach cramps are bound to occur. Drink water after every 10-15 minutes. If possible you can even opt for juices, and other fluids. Drink around 6 to 8 ounces of water and see the difference. It not only prevents cramps but gives you energy as well.

Makes sure that you do not become deficient in salt when you run for long hours. Inadequate amount of salt in the body too may cause pain. So, simply add half a teaspoon of salt in your water. Try to eat low calorie foods which are rich in salt.

Your diet too plays a major role in the same. Make sure that before the race, you eat but not over eat, also what you eat too is important. Avoid rich fat and protein diet. You are bound to suffer from intestinal cramps if you have taken fiber rich food before the run. Getting a good night sleep and eating pasta can help you. Avoid drinking highly concentrated sports drinks.

Thus, it can be said that prevention is the key, so that abdominal pain does not in any way affect your training programmes and hamper your final day run. The speed with which we run too holds value with regard to the cramps.
On the day of the run, don’t exert yourself, do a little stretching before you run. Avoid eating spicy and oily foods.

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