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Abdominal Exercises for Women at Home

Women Abdominal Exercises

MAY 18 2011

Women abdominal exercises includes Abdominal Crunches, Abdominal towel rollouts, Abdominal Planks and many more like side plank lift, kneeling back bend. Abdominal exercises for women at home includes nothing special equipments rather simple things available at home will do the work. You need to be regular in these exercises if you want to get maximum benefit.

Most of the women prefer to do the abdominal exercises at home only rather than going to the gym. Doing aerobic exercises at home is interesting and if you are able to do them in the perfect manner then surely you would get real help in losing the extra fat as well as for staying healthy also.

  • You don’t require any special kind of equipments or material for doing aerobic exercises at home. It can be done in an easy manner.
  • There are different kinds of exercises which women can do from their homes with comfort and ease.
  • Exercises can be done for your upper abs, lower abs depending your needs and requirements.
  • When you do the lower abs exercises, you need to lie down on the floor in a straight position and then you need to place your hands on the lower back in order to give support. Once you are able to do so you should try to lift both of your legs and keep them in a straight position and then go for up and down.

Abdominal Crunches:

  • You can even try doing the Abdominal Crunches.
  • This one is a bit easy kind of aerobic exercise, where you can keep something below your lower back, this will help you to increase your movement.
  • These abdominal crunches are almost similar to what you would be doing with a stability ball.

Abdominal towel rollouts:

It is yet another effective kind of aerobic exercise where instead of abdominal wheel you would be doing the same kind of exercise but with towels.

Abdominal Planks:

  • This is said to be somewhat similar to push ups as you need to support the upper part of your body with your hands as you do in push ups.
  • Once you come in this position it is very important that you stay in the same position for the next 10-15 seconds initially.
  • As you do this regularly you will be able to hold for 60 seconds even.

Double Crunch:

  • In this exercise you need to lie on your back on the floor and you have to extend your arms and legs.
  • Once you bring your knees closer to the chest, you need to get hold of your ankles. Hold for a few seconds and repeat again.
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