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Participating in Disney 5K Event

APR 27 2010

Participating in Disney 5K run is an exciting event as you move ahead with lots of tiny toddlers who look excited to be in the race. This is the best part about the Disney 5K run. The characters are also dressed up in various colourful costumes. There’s refreshment too available both on the course and after the race.

Participating in Disney 5k can be an entertaining and fun filled experience not just for the young ones but also for the entire family. Disney 5K run is regarded as one of the most much awaited events by one and all.

Family 5K Run

The family 5K run is organised a day before the Disney half marathon. The entry fee is just 50$ and the entire family can participate to join in the fun. But you need to get yourself registered before time since it all depends upon the capacity limits and there is no registration being done on the day of the race. The entry fee will also include a goody bag, T-shirt, bib and a medal for those who finish the race. But it is essential that those who take part in the race are able to run and maintain a 16 minute per mile pace.

With regard to the 5K plus stroller run, parents can get their little ones to take part in the royal strollers. A number of basic amenities will be provided to you on the day of the run like T shirt, personalised bib, goody bag, refreshments on the race course as well as after the race is over. Weekend transportation is also made available to the runners but only from selected hotels, so you need to check before hand. Though people of all age groups are welcomed to participate in the race, but in the 5K stroller category you have to keep your children below the age of 3 in the baby jogger. With a view to maintain security, all kinds of motorised scooters, bicycles, baby backpacks are not allowed in the race course.

The 2010 Mickey's Halloween Family Fun Run 5K

It is going to be conducted in the month of October 2010. It takes place prior to the Disney Half Marathon. This will begin at the Magic kingdom at around 7 am. But it is a bit expensive as the registration fee has been kept at 99$ in order to cover up all the expenses including the refreshments which will be made available to you on the day of the run. But it is worth watching and taking part as the characters will be walking in their Halloween costumes, which surely will add spark to the race. Disney’s Minnie Marathon 5K- this too like other races is a fun filled race and you get transportation as well.

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Name: LeiJane Amante

Hi! What date is the 5K run for 2011 and when do we start registering for the event? Thnx

Name: San

Hi LaiJane, there is a 5K run scheduled on Mar 5th, 2011. I doubt if the entries are still open.

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