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SEP 17 2008

Ever year particularly in the month of January, there are thousands of people that go to Walt Disney World to set goals and to fulfill dreams by running the marathon. There are two events that you can choose from - 26.2-mile WDW Marathon or 13.1-mile Half-Marathon.

This long distance event can definitely challenge your physical strength and if you finish it then it can serve as a major accomplishment

For more than ten years, Walt Disney has been offering this kind of marathon event. It has earned its reputation as enjoyable and fun event. Even if you are a first time marathon runner, you can surely have an experience worth remembering. What is unique about this marathon is the fact the organizers encourage you to take a picture of the Disney characters along the duration of the course. Whether you are an amateur runner or a professional one, you might want to consider joining these events. If you are the type of person who is not that active when it comes to physical activity, then it is about time that you do something about it. By joining the Disney marathon you can be assured that your entire outlook in life will definitely change. People from all walks of life can definitely enjoy this event.

Usually the marathon is held simultaneously, but Disney has recently split the event to accommodate more participants. Participants need to complete a mile in 16 minutes or less to be able to complete the course in 7 hours. The course is set in the Walt Disney World grounds. It is usually held in the backstage areas that are off limit to park guests. The full marathon goes through the whole theme park. Only friends and family members of the participants are allowed to access the entire area to give support. The cast and crew of the whole theme park are also there to give support. Some of them are in their costumes for picture taking at the various spots along the way. The course distances are certified and everyone is timed using electronic gadgets.

If you are familiar with marathon courses, then this marathon is easy. They are no elevation on the ground, just a few overpass and underpass. The weather is also quite perfect for marathon setting. The Disney marathon organizers give excellent support for the participants by providing enough first aid and rest stations. There are also portable toilets, medical tents and others need to make the participants satisfied and happy. You could choose from either a full marathon or half marathon. The full maybe too tiresome if this is your first time while the half provides a reasonable length of course. If you are planning to join, training is recommended. The duration of the training truly depends on your experience and how much you can endure.

Aside from the satisfaction the marathon gives, there are many other things that go with finishing the race including a finisher medal. For full race, one can get a Mickey shaped medal and for half you can receive the Donald shape medal. You can also get a certificate with your name on it and your official time. In addition, you will also get prizes from sponsors as well.

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