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Adidas Running Shoes

Buying an Adidas Running Shoe

JUL 17 2008

Adidas is a known quality brand that produces excellent quality products and it is understandable that Adidas product prices are on the higher end. In recent years though, Adidas has been coming out with more affordable products to cater to the budget conscious consumer and sports fan.

Its founder is Adolf Dassler or also known as Adi Dasslerís. His shoes came to be known as Adidas in 1948.

Adidas running shoes are varied and running shoe types and features are many. In 2005, Adidas introduced its CPU controlled running shoes. The shoes have a built-in sensor and system that automatically adjusts to various running conditions. This feature runs on batteries and the product line is called Adidas One. The price of course was expensive, which was over $220 at that time.

An improved model named Adidas 1.1 Intelligent Running Shoes came out more recently. They have a microchip built in. This microchip can determine an athleteís weight and speed. It also perceives running conditions and surfaces. Once all information is gathered, the shoes adjust accordingly. Additional upgrades also provided for heel cushion adjustments.

There are many choices for Adidas running shoes. When choosing a pair, make sure to purchase one that fits to your feet and best for running conditions. Buy Adidas running shoes that fit your particular arch type. Know if you have a normal arch (curvy), a low arch, or a high arch. Afterwards, seek running shoes that fit your particular arch.

Know your gait or biomechanics. Observe yourself and know your stride. If you are a novice and are still unknowledgeable about this, ask your trainer to assess you. Normal arch runners have normal pronation mostly. But low arch runners or flat footed runners often overpronate. High arch athletes often underpronate. By knowing if you are an overpronator or an underpronator, you will be able to further narrow down shoe choices. Adidas have specific running shoe models for the overpronator and for the underpronator.

More importantly, buy running shoes that cater to your running habits and preferences. Running shoes must fit running conditions. Choose the right shoes for marathon running, short distance running, hiking, climbing, off-road running and trailing, and etc.

Itís best to buy shoes late in the afternoon since your feet are at full expansion that time. Try running shoes on in socks. Following are a few of the many Adidas running shoe products.

Adidas Running Response Cushion

Adidas Running Responseģ Cushion is specially designed for heavy overpronators and provides good support and cushion. It provides good breathability, comfort, and durability. Price generally retails below $100.

Adidas Running Boston W

Adidas Running Boston W on the other hand cares for the underpronator. Cushioning is light and the unit gives good breathability and comfort as well. Insoles give good shock absorption. Price generally retails below $100.

Neutral Adidas Men's Running Shoes

These shoes care for the normal arch athlete with normal biomechanics and are good for training. They provide excellent cushion and comfort. Price generally retails over $100.

Other Adidas running shoe models are ADIDAS Cosmos MD Adult Running Spikes 20, Adidas Adistar Control 4, Adidas Adistar Trail 3, Adidas Titan LD Track Spikes, Adidas Supernova Control 9, ADIDAS HeatStar Sprint Adult Running Spikes, Adidas Response Light, Adidas Climacool Cushion, Adidas Etana, Adidas Microbounce Lite and Adidas Demolisher 2 Sprint Spikes.

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