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Aqua Jogging Workouts

Understanding Aqua Jogging

APR 29 2011

Aqua jogging workouts are said to be quite beneficial for the runners who are suffering from some kind of sprain, running injury or find it difficult to jog on the land. In order to understand aqua jogging better, it is of two types- deep water jogging and shallow water jogging.

Aqua jogging is said to be one of the most interesting workouts. It is surely said to be more life filled to jog under water then walking or running on the hard pavements of land.

  • There is just one big disadvantage that you need to have a pool for it as public pools may not be available all the year round.
  • Aqua jogging is basically prescribed for those runners who are severely injured and are finding it difficult to run on the hard pavements, so in order to avoid further risks of injuries they are advised to go for aqua jogging.
  • It is said to be better than all the other cross country programs which are being opted for by the young athletes.
  • There are basically two kinds of aqua jogging: Deep water jogging and shallow water jogging.

Shallow Water Jogging:

  • This is known to increase the impact of the workout but also reduce resistance.
  • While jogging in shallow water you should try to choose a comfortable depth.
  • Your legs and arms should move in complete coordination of each other and this should enable you to swim with ease.
  • It is also up to you to either increase or decrease the resistance level in case you don’t feel comfortable.

Deep Water Jogging:

  • It is quite different than the shallow water jogging since here your feet will not be able to touch the pool bottom.
  • You can make use of noodle if you are going for deep water jogging, which you can keep the noodle between the legs also.
  • If you are a novice in this kind of jogging, then you should swim in the same fashion as if you are running on the land with your hands and legs moving back and forth.

Benefits of Aqua Jogging:

  • There are not just one but many benefits associated with aqua jogging.
  • The basic benefit being the pressure exerted on the knees and joints is almost meagre as compared to land jogging.
  • If you get frequent sprains or injuries while you run on the land then it is better that you should go for aqua jogging.
  • You are also saved from buying lots of jogging gear if you are going for aqua jogging, the only thing you would need is the perfect swim suit.

Arthritis Foundation has brought forth an interesting point with regard to aqua jogging. It is said to be extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from arthritis or from joint pain. It also serves well those women who are pregnant.

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