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Asics Nimbus Running Shoes Review

Buying Asics Nimbus Running Shoes

MAR 11 2010

Asics Nimbus running shoes review makes it clear that these are a must buy shoes, as Asics is a leading name in the shoe world and it lives up to it. There are various features of Asics Nimbus running shoes like soft padding, mesh, comfortable mid sole. Meant especially for those who have high arches.

Asics shoes are always a must buy keeping in view their great features and good quality. Asics nimbus running shoes too fall in the same category. Asics gel nimbus shoes are provided with excellent features. The midsole under the heel provide for a great impact which makes the running easier and comfortable. More gel has been used in order to provide a greater softness to the shoes. The soft padding makes the shoes more appealing to buy. These shoes serve the interest of runners who have normal to high arches. Asics nimbus shoes are said to be a great improvement than the past shoes of Asics in terms of durability and stability.

The shoes are also best suited for those runners with a lighter foot as they help to prevent blisters from occurring in the foot and keep the foot healthy. Those for narrow feet, too should opt for them. The shoe serves the best on pavements and on walking.

Asics Gel Nimbus 11

These shoes are meant for underpronators and for neutral runners. These shoes have been provided with a cushioning platform. The gel provided in these shoes is available both at the heels and the in the forefoot. This helps to save the feet and act as a shock absorption. In order to provide a softer look Solyte has been provided below the forefoot. The good aspect is that these shoes are available for both men and women and takes into account the foot type of both.

Asics Nimbus Upper

In these shoes various improvements have been made- this include the provision of a toe box which gives more space to the foot. These also come with foam material and stitching too has been removed in order to avoid irritation in the feet. However lacing has been provided which helps the runners and is very much appreciated by them. These shoes are considered to be a bit over priced.

Asics is one of the best shoe brands of the world and its shoes live upto its expectations. These shoes are designed keeping in view the feet problems and thus, helps to prevent tendon problems which might occur when you opt for low quality shoes. You can wear them and have a great run in the marathon. These shoes are meant for all, irrespective of the fact that you are runner or not so you can simply try them for your normal walks as well and chances are that you won’t be let down.

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