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At Home Workout Routines without Equipment

Equipment Free Workouts at Home

MAY 18 2011

Equipment free workouts at home are no longer impossible, provided you are having the right knowledge of what these are, how to do. At home workout routines without equipments involve just you and your strength. There are various types of workouts like crunches, squats, leg lifts, Russian twists, sissy squats and more.

Almost all the fitness experts want to stay fit even when they are unable to go out to the gym owing to one reason or the other. However there are various workout routines which you can perform at home even in the absence of equipments.

Doing Workouts at Home:

  • If you are the one who lacks time to go out to the gym or who is lacking in equipments he should no longer fear losing his daily workout routines.
  • If you are a beginner, then these exercises will benefit you a lot as these will make your body more flexible and ensure you a proper training routine also.
  • Some of the times, beginners are not ready to go the gym and for them such workouts can do wonders.
  • Even in the absence of equipments you can have that perfect shape.
  • Doing bodyweight at home is one of the easiest things to do. They are almost similar to the workout you do in the gym.
  • You need to go ahead with the body weight programme especially if you are interested in going for weight lifting, wrestling, and gymnastics. These are some of the sports which will require enough of strenuous exercises and workouts and a few of them could be done at home alone.

Types of Workouts Done at Home:

  • For your upper body and abs various kinds of exercises are available. These include Close grip push ups, chin ups, Russian twists, Supermans and more.
  • Some of the exercises are meant for the Lower body and abs also. These include Sissy squats, V Ups, Double crunches, Hover squats.
  • Though doing the workouts can be a bit challenging at home, but if you are persistent enough then surely you can go ahead.
  • There are a few kinds of cardiovascular exercises which too can be done at home. These could be done by lying on the floor or through elliptical trainer or stationary cycle.
  • Cobra, Cat Camel, Supine Pelvic tilts are some of the kinds of workouts which you can do by lying on the floor in a straight position.
  • Jumping is yet another easy and effective workout which you can do at home. It is very funny also.
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