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Athletic Shoes for High Arches

High Arch Athletic Shoes

APR 4 2011

High arch athletic shoes are one of the best shoes for those runners whose feet underpronate. Athletic shoes for high arches are of various types like Adidas Supernova Cushion 7, Nike Air Zoom Elite +4, Nike Air Pegasus, Asics Gel Nimbus 12 Women’s, Mizuno Wave Rider 11. They provide stability and cushioning.

Runners who are having high arches need to run in different kinds of shoes than those shoes which are meant for other runners.

  • The shoes for the runners are designed in a way that will help them run comfortably.
  • In the summer months, most likely those with high arches are having more problems which if not treated may cause serious foot injuries.
  • With regard to the shoes meant for those with high arches, those shoes which come with cushioning are said to be the best.
  • These shoes are known to help in rotation of the sole of the shoes.

Adidas Supernova Cushion 7:

  • These are one of the best running shoes for those with high arches.
  • The best feature of these shoes is the cushioning and the support it provides to the runners feet.

Nike Air Zoom Elite +4:

  • They help the runners in having a smooth run all throughout the long distance.

Nike Air Pegasus:

  • These shoes serve the interest of those runners whose are basically underpronators as well as having high arches.

Asics Gel Nimbus 12 Women’s:

  • It is available in three colours- black, blue and white.
  • These shoes are said to be ideal running shoes for those runners who are having high arches.

Mizuno Wave Rider 11:

  • These shoes are provided with sensory system and hence they are effective in terms of traction and support which they provide to the runners.

Women’s Dawgs Working Dawgs- Tracker Pro Thread:

  • Good shoes for women who are having high arches and are in tough jobs like hospitality industry.
  • These shoes are slip resistant.
  • They are equipped with effective cushioning.
  • They give support to the women runners.
  • The antimicrobial insoles are yet another good feature to be found in these shoes.
  • The women runners get a good arch support if they are wearing these shoes.

Men’s UA Fleet Running Shoe:

  • These shoes are known for the effective cushioning which they provide to the men athletes.
  • They give a balanced kind of support.
  • These shoes come with great features like propulsion and stabilisation which is good for the men athletes.
  • • They serve as good shock absorption shoes.
  • • Stability wise also they are better than other running shoes.

Resource:Before you buy any of the shoes, make sure that you are having high arch, as then you will need stable and cushioned shoes.

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