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Avoid Hip Pain after Running

Precautions to Avoid Hip Pain from Running

DEC 19 2009

Hip pain is a common problem which might be faced by the runners. A number of factors are responsible for the hip pain which may occur during the course of running. The runners should know what precautions they should take to avoid hip pain after running.

The runners are usually prone to get hip injuries and even hip bursitis, snapping hip.

The pain usually occurs at the point where the joint of the hip meets the thigh. The most important thing is to know the reasons why the hip pain may occur and how it can be controlled. It may occur because of the wrong footwear or the coarse surface on which you might be walking.

How to reduce the hip pain

A number of exercises are prescribed by the doctors like the lower back strengthening exercises which strengthens the back, also take complete rest and avoid running for at least 15 days so that the pain doesn’t get aggravated. Try to use anti inflammatory gels, ice packs, and deep relaxing massages on the affected area, this will make you a bit comfortable and help in reducing pain. Stress followed by little time for tissue recovery is considered as an important factor for the pain.

Before the treatment begins the runners should be asked about the symptoms, the time period of injury and various factors which might be increasing the pain. He should also be asked about how long he has been running, the time he devotes to exercising, and whether he has made any change in his training program which might be an important cause of hip pain.

Avoiding hip pain

A complete guidance is necessary as far as wearing the shoes and socks are concerned. If a person has rigid foot or a high arched foot then he should try to wear flexible or cushioned shoe. But if the athlete has flexible foot or flat arched heel then he should wear a motion control shoe which provides rear foot control and thus in the long run prevent injuries of the foot.

It is necessary that the runner should change his shoes after running around 500 miles since the shoes are said to lose around 30% of their shock absorption capacity after these long miles. So it is better to have more than a pair of shoes for running.

Runners need to give proper care to the food that they eat, since they run for long hours so proper nutritional diet is a must for them, they shouldn’t ignore it at any cost. They should also take plenty of calcium rich food to avoid fractures of the bones. Proper rest in between the running is a must. Light training followed by rigorous training days is an important way to avoid injury. Increase the speed limit by slower amounts rather than all at once so as to give your body time to adjust. Incorporate a rest day after every three days of running.

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