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Avoiding Stomach Cramps While Running

How to Avoid Stomach Cramps While Running

OCT 17 2010

Running and stomach cramps goes hand in hand. Most of the runners suffer from the same at any point of running. You need to take rest, drink more of water. Take deep breath, do exercises of lower back and abdomen. Makes sure you are eating the right kind of food and not overeating. Avoiding stomach cramps while running is thereby possible.

All those runners for whom running is a passion need to follow it quite regularly but overdoing it might cause some unpleasant happenings as well. The most common problem being faced by the runners at one point of time is that they might suffer from stomach cramps. This is a common complaint of a large number of runners.

Causes of Stomach Cramps

There is no major cause of stomach cramps amongst the runners but still it occurs and might become a cause of pain and anxiety if they are not treated on time. However, one ascertained cause of cramps is that you might be running on empty stomach or if you have overeaten, in either of the two cases you might suffer from cramps. Weak stomach muscles is yet another cause of cramps in the stomach. Diet too might be a reason for the cramps, if you have been eating unhealthy foods and running then too problems might arise.

But the bad news is that these cramps are not always confined to the stomach itself sometimes they might get over to your limbs also. The situation worsens if you have the final run ahead of you.

Avoiding Stomach Cramps

You need to avoid the stomach cramps at all cost, if you want to enjoy your run. The most important thing is to make sure you are eating a balanced diet without any oily food or any food which might upset your stomach. The sports drink which you are taking too needs to be taken after being diluted enough. Try to avoid heavy meals, protein rich meals and fatty foods which might create problems in digestion.

If you are suffering from pain, you need to take long walks rather than run. Give yourself a break from running. You can also reduce your intensity of running for sometimes, take deep breaths. You can also cross train if you are suffering from cramps. Thus, instead of going for running try to switch over to some other exercises like swimming, cycling or biking. If the problem doesn’t stop, you need to take rest for sometimes. Stretching too is said to be useful, you need to gently stretch your muscles which too has a good effect. Sports massage by an experienced therapist too can help you a lot. Make sure you are drinking lots of water in between the running. Always perform lower back and abdominal exercises for reducing the pain.

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