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Baby Phat Running Shoes Review

Features of Baby Phat Shoes

APR 11 2010

The various features of baby Phat shoes make them an attractive and worth wearing shoes. The logos are mostly embroidered at the tongue and the heel which gives them a cool look. Baby Phat running shoes review proves that they indeed are a woman’s dream shoes, especially for those women who want to have fun and are fearless and adventurous.

There are various types of Baby Phat shoes available in the market, each with its own style and level of comfort. These are specially meant for those women tend to be fearless and daunting by nature. The shoes are primarily meant to celebrate womanhood. These shoes come in various colours and shapes and hence one is always available for you as per your choice.

Baby Phat Hype Fresh High

These are provided with embroidered logos which makes them all the more attractive. Meant to provide comfort to the women they are also provided with padded tongue and collar. You can easily wear them for long hours. They are constructed at 360 degrees so this helps to provide more durability to the shoes. The shoes have outsole made of rubber. They have a flat sole and self tie lace closure. These shoes are provided with good ankle support.

Baby Phat Kicky Cat hi

These are one of the most attractive baby phat shoes as they have a white upper. Moreover the laces are made of silver metallic colour. The logo ‘baby phat cat logo’ appear on the side of the shoes. The shoes are coloured black to provide a contrast with the white upper.

The Blazer SP LE

These shoes from the Baby Phat have a number of features and are an excellent shoe with regard to design and quality. These shoes have a leather exterior and a flat sole.

Baby Phat Glossy Cat Low Deluxe

They have around 1inch heel, provided with a man made sole and leather upper. These come in three colours of white, silver and gold.

Baby Phat Super Cat Babe Hi

Fabulous shoes to see and wear as they come in white colour along with a contrast of gold metallic colour. The logo on the shoes appears on the side. These are made up of genuine leather upper.

Baby Phat Shine Cat hi

Very beautiful shoes as they have smooth leather upper and an animal print over it. The logo is very smoothly embroidered on it with rhinestone eye and Lurex. There is embossed logo on the tongue as well as the heels. The shoes also have an outsole of rubber.

Baby Phat Shine Cat Lo

These are sparkling shoes with smooth leather upper. It has an embossed logo on the tongue as well as the heel. Smooth metallic fabric lining makes them all the more worth wearing shoes.

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