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Backpacks for Running

The Ultra-Light Running Backpack

OCT 9 2008

Backpacks are very useful especially when you’re traveling, running or walking. Having a back pack is great way to carry more stuff. Your hands are free for other things because backpacks are attached to your shoulder.

The weight of your belongings is evenly distributed in both shoulders and you can be sure that your stuff is safe and there is no chance of losing or dropping it.

Backpacks come in different sizes, designs, colors, styles and brand. You can choose something that would fit your personality and the best kind to bring wherever you want to go. Some people use backpacks for their running activity. How would you choose the right backpack for running?

If you need backpacks for your running, of course you would want something that will not move too much. Something that is comfortable when you’re running and something that will allow you to have as close to a normal run as possible. So, I would suggest that you bring light backpacks for your running. This will allow you to run without stress of bringing a heavy backpack. Here are some of the disadvantages of having a normal backpack:

  • First of all, it is very tiring to carry a heavy backpack especially when you’re running.
  • Slowness- heavy backpacks give you more weight and as a result it will make you slow down.
  • Some common injuries like blistered feet, sore muscles, sprained ankles, knee and back pain are result to heavy backpack (more weight on your back).
  • Your inability to move or run faster because of your heavy backpack can be dangerous.

But you might be wondering that how are you going to fit all the things you want to bring while running with a light and small backpack? Well, all you have to do is sort out all the things you really need. You definitely clothes for running, a piece of towel, a pair of socks, a pair of running shoes and a bottle of water. Just don’t bring unnecessary things. In this way, you can have the freedom of comfort, more safety and stress-free running.

I’ve come across with several choices on choosing backpack. I find backpacks perfect for me. It is one of the leading online retailers of sailing and outdoor equipment. Their Compact and ultra-light running backpacks are designed to give the runner, like me all the benefits of extra storage yet comfortable. Ultra-light running backpacks carry water for replacing consumed water and offer the comfort of movement and spacious bag in with a very light weight. Running backpack such as Dueter Speed Lite System Rucksack – ultra light sport packs for mountain, running etc., with capacities ranging from 10 to 30 L. Features include, removable waist and chest belt, hydration system compatible, zip pockets for small items and a lot more.

Ultra-light backpacks can be expensive but why not invest on something that will make you feel good and make you safe.

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