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Barefoot Jogging

Pros and Cons of Barefoot Jogging

JUN 23 2011

Barefoot jogging is being regarded as the best thing these days as more and more researches are coming out in their favour only. There are certainly pros and cons of barefoot jogging like it is good for feet but not if done without training then you might run the risk of injuries all the more.

Barefoot jogging is being considered as really better than running in the shoes as it is more easier and comfortable for a few.

Researches and Barefoot Jogging:

  • Various researches are now saying that jogging in shoes is actually not good for your health hence, more and more people are turning to jogging barefoot.
  • Researchers have been concluding that if you are continuously jogging barefoot then this might cause serious problem in the later years due to the heel strike.
  • If you are jogging without your shoes then this will be all the more good as it helps to prevent the shock waves which your body might suffer from if you are wearing the shoes.
  • Barefoot jogging is said to be easier and natural then jogging with shoes, hence is being recommended also. Most of the athletes are of the view that human beings have been running barefoot over the last hundreds of centuries hence it is more natural.
  • It is said to be injury free also as it offers a stride which is less injury free.

Pros and Cons of Barefoot Jogging:

  • The major problem arises when we ask the runners who have been running with the shoes for all these years, to run without the shoes.
  • Thus it is believed that if you ask the runners to go barefoot for jogging then surely their chances of injuries might increase because they are not trained to run in this way.
  • It is therefore very essential that the runners are properly trained before they opt for running barefoot.
  • Barefoot running is also found to be good for your joints and the feet.
  • When you are running without shoes, you will be landing on the middle of your foot or on the forefoot rather than on the heel of the foot and hence your foot is saved from risks.
  • If you don’t feel like jogging barefoot then there are available some of the sandals and shoes which make you feel like you are walking barefoot only. So it is better you wear such kind of shoes or sandals/
  • Vibram five fingers is one such kind of shoes which give you the feeling as if you are jogging without shoes only.
  • These shoes are having a success story of their own and more and more runners are opting for these shoes when they go for jogging or running.
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