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Barefoot Running Shoe Reviews

Types of Barefoot Running Shoes

JUL 16 2011

There are various types of barefoot running shoes and they are known to offer full protection to the feet and hence recommended by health experts also. The barefoot running shoe reviews includes well cushioning, midsole and breathability also. These shoes make your feet well protected. They help you develop the stride and give comfort in your running schedule.

The runners around the world agree that these days barefoot running is considered to be the best and hence more and more runners are opting for the same instead of the running shoes.

Benefits of Barefoot Running Shoes

  • With regard to the barefoot running shoes, the runners have been giving good reviews about the same but there are a few who believe that it is not very easy to shift to barefoot running when all these years they have been running while wearing shoes.
  • The minimalist running shoes are considered to be good from the health view also and hence doctors too have been favouring these shoes.
  • If you want to stay healthy and run without the risk of injuries then surely these shoes are meant for you.
  • These shoes give you protection as well as they help to develop the stride.
  • The minimalist shoes help you develop foot bio mechanics.
  • Some good aspects of these shoes is that these shoes help to give you a natural run and are known to bring more of strength and tightens to the muscles.
  • When you wear these shoes, you learn as to how much effective stride you are able to take and how beneficial it is for your feet.

Vivobarefoot Evo

  • It is the minimalist running shoes which have been receiving rave reviews from the runners around the world.
  • It comes in white and red colour and hence look wise you will find it be pleasing.
  • But they are regarded as quite expensive and hence not all can afford them.
  • These shoes have are considered to be quite amazing running shoes, since they are eco friendly running shoes and hence good from nature’s point of view.
  • They are said to be quite lightweight running shoes and hence come with mesh upper and breathability.

Vibram Five Fingers:

  • These are one of the coolest kinds of barefoot running shoes meant for the athletes.
  • These shoes are available in various types of models.
  • These shoes could be used even for walking and running.
  • The five fingers consist of rubber sole which is thin enough and hence very flexible.

Feelmax Panka:

  • These are thin running barefoot shoes.
  • These are available in normal colours.
  • The sole of these shoes is quite thin.
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