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Beach Jogging

Tips for Beach Jogging

MAR 21 2011

There are a large number of handy tips for beach jogging which if taken into consideration will surely help you a lot. Beach jogging is said to be somewhat difficult than jogging on the pavement and so you have to be extra cautious as well. Beginners should always start to jog on the wet sand as this will help you prevent injuries.

Beach jogging is regarded as one of the most exciting and refreshing kind of exercise especially if it is done in the early morning hours when the sun is about to rise. Not only will it keep you fit but also energetic throughout the day.

Beach Jogging can be Tough

It is to be noted that beach jogging is not similar to jogging on the roads or pavements.

  • As you tend to run on sand which is warm or moist it is quite tough for you to run on the beach especially if you are a beginner.
  • You should prefer to run on the beach which is not sloped since sloped beaches are known to cause injuries and there are more chances of falling down and getting hurt.
  • When you begin to run on the beach you need to be slow in the beginning because contrary to the belief it has been found that beach jogging is quite tough and harder than the pavement jogging and hence the slower you are the better it is.
  • Make sure you are not getting dehydrated while you jog, because if you are dehydrated it could ruin your health and make you ill as well. So it is better to keep a water bottle with you when you go for jogging and keep drinking water at regular intervals.

Precautions to take in Beach Jogging

  • The shoes you wear when you are going for beach jogging need to be proper. Try to buy shoes which are specifically meant for beach jogging. This way the chances of injuries are also minimised.
  • Safety matters the most in beach jogging. It is better that you take someone with you when you go for beach jogging. But if you are alone on the beach, at least run in the area where there are enough of people.
  • When you begin the jog, it is recommended that you should be barefoot. This way you are able to build more of strength and endurance in your jogging schedule. Once you develop the habit of jogging, then surely you can wear the shoes and run.
  • Make sure you are taking short distances as your goal in the beginning of the run. Don’t get tired and thus, try to opt for shorter runs.
  • The clothes you wear should not be too tight and they should be suited enough for beach jogging.
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