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Benefits Of Running Versus Walking

Is Running Better than Walking

MAY 19 2009

For beginners both running and walking is an exploring escapade. Those who had been irregular or nil in exercise previously and now want done into physical fitness for shaped body may choose regular walking as initial attempt until they become punctual and move forward with running practices later. The benefits of running are more ecstatic than the one you gain from walking.

Achieving maximum health benefit requires you to follow an agenda in which you start up with walking and steadily promote this activity to jogging that later gets intensified into running.

Exercise on regular basis is a boon for health. How can you shed excess weight from body? Improper dietary schedule and lack of exercise are root causes of gaining extra calories. No doubt our bodies need certain quantity of calorie everyday to keep them perform daily chore activities but when they gain access quantity of it diseases overpower them. You must remain punctual in exercise sessions at this crucial point.

Exercise helps your body to maintain metabolism. You can start the process with walking particularly when you are firmly stepping in to care for health after spending sedentary lifestyle for years. You don’t need undergoing any special training to start walking. It is a simple and low impact action which you can perform without any sort of hurdle.

Walking is in fact a part of your lifecycle. Everybody walks since childhood until old age to fulfil professional and personal commitments. The scene is therefore clear that walking as an exercise is as easy as performing other assignments which you need to do for one purpose or the other. Self discipline in your leisurely promenade fulfils a purpose in life. On the other hands, usual running schedule to maintain health needs organised effort. Discussions go on about walking versus running and health benefits of both. At times walking or a short running is considered an initiation of a rigorous exercise you are going to do.

People run up to certain distance before starting aerobic exercises. The question still arises which is better? In fact both are best aerobic exercises and too much beneficial for complete fitness. At times individual preferences play important role in this regard. In nutshell both walking and running have their charm. On the other hands running is an advanced form of walking which can be practiced only when you are ready to bear the rigours associated with it.

With the advantages, both also require you to perform them only when your health conditions support you for running or walking. As walking is easy, it doesn’t have much complications unlike running in which you must be extra careful.


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