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Bermuda Half Marathon

Running Bermuda Half Marathon

JAN 1 2010

Since Bermuda is a small island so the Bermuda Half Marathon course runs across a number of coasts both around the north and south edges.

Bermuda is indeed one of the best kept islands, surrounded by well maintained streets, old villages, and hilly course all along. The mesmerising beauty makes the race even more exciting for the runners. The race takes them through a number of scenic locales as well as residential areas.

The last stretch of the 10K miles marathon and half marathon race is even more exciting, it offers a perfect combination of the island’s beauty where the volcanic rocks meet cobalt blue water.

People gather in large numbers along the roadside to support the runners, they can be found at every quarter mile. The organisers have set up the aid stations at every two miles which supplied water along with other refreshments.

Venue of the Race

The venue of the race was Front Street, Hamilton which is the capital of Bermuda. There were three major events included in this- Bermuda International Marathon, Bermuda Half Marathon and Bermuda Triangle Challenge. The looprace followed a 13.1 mile course which began from downtown Hamilton and across the Bermuda. The race is always a worth enjoying event with as many as 700 participants taking part in the same and with thousands of cheer leaders to wish them good luck.

The race is a regular event at Bermuda, it is being organised here for the past 30 years in the month of January. It begins with a series of road miles on Friday night, followed by a 10K on Saturday, and then concludes on Sunday with the marathon and half marathon.

Weather Season at Bermuda

Being located just off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda has a mild, spring like weather which is present throughout the year. But in winter season the temperature of Hamilton may be around 61° F-69°F. For most of the people, the race apart from excitement and participation offers a great escape from winter blues.

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