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Best Cold Weather Running Jacket

Choosing Winter Running Jackets

SEP 9 2010

There are various types of winter running jackets which are available. In winters it is not at all necessary for the runners to abandon running on the road. What is required are a few precautions which they need to take as well as the perfect running gear which includes the winter running jackets as well. You need to choose the best winter running jackets.

In Cold weather season most of the runners prefer to run on the treadmill owing to the chilly winds running outside. The secret to enjoy running in the cold weather is the perfect combination of the running gear including a base layer which needs to be worn inside the main clothes. There are a number of companies which are manufacturing wide variety of running jackets for the winter season. You can buy any of these and run freely. Make sure they are windproof and water resistant jackets.

Sugoi Defiant

It is one of the favorite running jackets of the runners. The jacket looks stylish and has almost all the features which can make it look good on the runners. The technical features which have been provided in the jacket make it a must buy running jacket.

Pearl Izumi Zephyrr

This jacket is available at a price of around $60. This jacket is light weight jacket and is said to be having windproof features and is known to wick away the moisture from the body. The jacket is made up of polyester microfiber which ensures that it gets dried up easily and is breathable as well.

Kaspian Half Zip Running Jacket

This running jacket is available from New Balance and is indeed worth buying jacket for the runners who wish to run in the cold winter season. The jacket is made up of polyester spandex material and is basically said to be a soft jacket which is very much stretchable also. You can wear these when running in the cold windy season and chances are that you would be protected from the windy atmosphere. The jacket is wind proof as well as water resistant and hence it won’t be holding your sweat when you would be running for long miles.

Nimbus II from Sporthill

It is one of the favorite jackets amongst the runners. It is made up of waterproof fibers. This jacket is also having reflective fibers which make it easy for the runners to run at night time also since they can be easily seen in the fog also.

Entrant is said to be one of the essential fabrics which is being used in the winter running jackets. It is water proof and breathable also. The basic feature is that it helps to keep the body warm in winters when you are running.

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