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Best Cushioned Running Shoe

Choosing a Cushioned Running Shoe

SEP 9 2008

In searching for a pair of running shoes, you will definitely encounter the term pronation. When you are running, your feet and leg will encounter some kind of motion. Your foot will definitely turn outward and becoming rigid as it will prepare for an impact.

Some people usually land in the outside edges of the heel. Whenever the foot loosens and rolls inward, it is called pronation.

This kind of movement is natural inward rotation of the foot allowing the foot and body to adapt and absorb the shock. After pronation the foot becomes rigid as the weight of the body is transferred to the forefoot that can allow toe off.

There are three styles of movement when it comes to pronation - under, neutral and over.

In neutral pronation, the foot usually got a high arch. The shoes recommended for this type of foot is stability shoes. When you say over pronation, the foot is creating several angles and putting a stress on the joints that controls the rotation of the rear foot. This result usually when you are flat footed. You need to buy a motion control shoes. The under pronation is a motion where your foot is rigid and immobile. For this type of foot, you need a cushioned kind of running shoes.

There are three types of running shoes categories. When selecting for one, you need to consider the shape of your feet and the foot motion that you have. Motion control shoes are made for feet that roll inward. These shoes have good shock absorption and don’t allow natural movement of the foot. Stability shoes are a combination of motion control shoes and cushioned shoes. These can hinder extra motion and at the same time provide good cushioning. Cushioned running shoes are for those feet that has an under pronation movement. These running shoes are made for shock absorption. They have a design that is semi curved in shape and has a slip last construction.

These shoes are designed to promote the normal motion of the feet. There are a lot of brands selling cushioned running shoes. If you search around the market there are several styles that you can choose from namely Puma Complete Phasis, Nike Vomer, Mizuno Wave Creation and Wave rider, Reebok Premier Ultra DMX among others. These shoes are suitable for efficient runner.

Cushion shoes are also best for those people who got neutral running cycle. This type of foot also got a rigid arch that doesn’t allow it to collapse and the foot doesn’t absorb all the shock. These are designed to reduce the shock in the joints. Clearly this type of feet needs cushioning. They also require less stability because the foot is stable enough. Cushioned running shoes are flexible enough allowing the foot for extra motion.

There is also what you call a light cushion running shoes that are best for those who got high arch and rigid foot. These very substantial shoes with enough cushioning and little arch support. This is flexible enough allowing foot to arch enough when running. They have the softest midsoles for support.

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