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Best Entry Level Mountain Bike

Buying an Entry Level Mountain Bike

JUN 2 2010

There are various types of mountain bikes available in the market today and you need to choose the one which suits your requirement. Best entry level mountain bike are of various types and have their own specific features. These may be Trek 4300 Mountain bike, Kona Kula Mountain Bike and many more.

There are a number of parameters depending upon which you need to decide which is the best entry level mountain bike for you. It also depends upon your priorities which will help you judge which is the best bike. A large number of mountain bikes are available in the market today and almost every range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. So before buying you need to take into account your budget as well only then you should decide as to which mountain bike suits well your requirements.

These days you can find thousands of mountain bikes in the market, in fact it is fast catching up as important sports among the youths, who love riding high. There are around 40 manufacturing brands who are bringing new types of mountain bikes.

Choosing a Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are basically used in different types of sports like endurance biking, cross country biking and many more of the similar nature. The mountain bikes are of different types like the hard trail, soft trail, full suspension bike and they have different features. All these bikes have their own positive features and they come with number of accessories.

When you go to buy the mountain bikes, make sure you analyse the features of the same, what qualities and features you are looking for, the main purpose of buying the bike, whether you want to ride the bike for weekends or off the road. All these questions once answered clearly will help you in deciding the mountain bikes.

A good mountain bike needs to be light weight and durable. These are the key features you need to look in. Since you are going to spend a complete day on the bike so it very much essential that they need to be comfortable. Weight and position are yet another crucial aspects to be taken into consideration while buying.

Types of Mountain Bikes

The Trek 4300 Mountain bike- made up of aluminium, it has a number of essential features and is said to be just the perfect bike for the beginners. However for extreme riding it is not a good choice. Available in just 400$ it is a good choice for all. Kona Kula Mountain Bike- one of the most durable bikes, made of a strong frame it is said to best suited for trail riding. It is available between $500-$1000. Scott Aspect is yet another worth buying mountain bike which is good for beginners and it will certainly help you in polishing your biking skills.

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