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Best Golf Shoes for Walking

Various Types of Golf Shoes for Walking

JAN 6 2010

Various types of golf shoes for walking are available for the golfer but before buying they need to be aware of what are the best golf shoes for walking. Apart from this the shoes should be able to prevent the water from entering inside the shoe because a golfer often plays on the wet course.

Since the game of golf involves lot of walking so you should buy the shoes keeping this in mind. The golf shoe which you choose should be able to withstand the pressure that would be applied on it because of walking. A number of factors need to be looked at before buying the golf shoes especially if you are interested in walking after wearing them. The weight of the shoe should be given much importance. Many of the golf shoes are light weight and comfortable because of this reason alone. EVA rubber outsoles are made use of instead of rubber in such golf shoes.

Traditionally steel spikes were used in golf shoes but now they seem to have been replaced with the light spikes in order to make the shoes lighter. Soft spikes are also made use of which provides stability to the feet while walking especially when walking on dry dirt paths. Another added advantage is that it doesn’t hurt the greenery as well so they are more favoured these days.

Types of Golf Shoes Available

Ecco shoes are known to be very comfortable amongst the many available in the market. The World Class Saddle GTX model provides comfort and style; the Classic City shoes have a heel cap and removable insole; in the Short Tempo shoes the midsoles are shock absorbing and the outsoles are soft and durable.

Footjoy golf shoes too are said to be quite comfortable in wearing and walking. The new Classic Tour shoes are said to be 15% lighter than the old shoes because of the advanced tri-density TPU outsole. These have more cushioning and flexibility and thus a pleasure to wear. The best thing is that you don’t need to change them after every season, they are highly durable. The professional players prefer to go with the Footjoy – these include The Greenjoys have upper synthetic leather which is soft and water resistant. Footjoy Classic Dry Premiere Golf Shoes- being made from the calf shoes these are said to be one of the most durable shoes available for the golfers.
Addidas Tour360 apart from being stylish and comfortable is one of the preferred shoes with regard to walking. They provide plenty of support to the golfers who walk full 18 holes. Having a low centre of gravity these shoes are effective when the golfer hits long shots.

Most of the time which the golfer spends on the golf course, he is constantly in motion and his feet in pressure so never neglect what you are wearing.

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