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Best Jogging Headphones

Recommended Jogging Headphones

APR 14 2011

There are various types of jogging headphones and each come with one specific feature or the other. None can deny that joggers need to wear headphones which are not just comfortable but also good for the ears also so that their jogging isn’t disturbed. Some of the best jogging headphones include Shure SE215 In Ear Headphones, Westone 4, KSC75 Headphones.

The runners and joggers around the world prefer to run while listening to music. Music is said to be a great stress reliever and it also gives them company on the way to jog.

It is quite essential that you need to wear the headphones which are of good quality if you really want to enjoy the music.

Listening to music makes jogging not just interesting but fun filled activity also.

There are a number of things which the headphones must have, and would be of good for the jogger.

The headphones for the joggers need to be air tight.

They ought to be comfortable enough for the jogger, so that he is able to jog freely and comfortably.

Shure SE215 In Ear Headphones

  • These are one of the latest kinds of earphones and come with lots of good features.
  • From the point of view of sound, they are one of the best of its kinds.
  • They come with 2 year warranty period also, hence all the more good for you as you can always change them if you don’t like them.
  • You can wear these earphones even when you are wearing a helmet, so you can make use of these earphones when you are not jogging also.

Westone 4:

  • These are one of the best headphones as they come with a universal fit.
  • They are a bit costly and available for around $449.
  • Their frequency response is around 10 Hz-18 Hz.

Ear Pad Headphones:

  • These are also called as the open backed headphones.
  • The good thing is that your ears won’t be heated by these headphones and so you can wear them for hours and jog without having to worry about the ear damage.
  • They can be easily fitted at the back of your ear.

KSC75 Headphones:

  • These are not just one of the best phones in terms of features but they are affordable also.
  • These come with ear clips which are made of rubber and they are adjustable also.
  • The good thing is that you don’t have to worry of them getting removed from the ear when you jog.
  • In terms of sound also, they are rated good.

The joggers have been favouring KSC35 as one of the best headphones, since they are easy to fit, are affordable and so you can easily wear them in marathon also.

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