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Best Ladies Hybrid Bike

Types of Ladies Hybrid Bikes

MAY 27 2011

There are various types of ladies hybrid bikes which are available in different models and styles for females. These bikes are designed in a way that they meet the physique of the women riders. Some of the best ladies hybrid bikes include Bella Ciao Bike Range, Raleigh Pioneer Metro LX Ladies Bundle, Pashley Princess Classic Green 22.5 inch.

Hybrid bikes are a reality today and they are practically more popular owing to the wide variety of features which they have.

  • For women riders, these hybrid bikes are a perfect combination of both style and exercise. There are so many kinds of hybrid bikes which are available to choose from.
  • With time, more and more bike manufacturers are designing the bikes which are well suited enough to meet the physique of the women riders.
  • They can be said to be different and far more developed then the classic style bikes for females.

Bella Ciao Bike Range:

  • These bikes provide one of the best kinds of experience to the female riders.
  • These bikes have a retro look and thus you can say that style and looks are in ample in this bike.
  • The frames of these bikes are built in Italy.
  • These bikes are available online also, thus you have more choice of seeing them and then buying them online.

Corvo Citta Dona:

  • This bike is one of the classic kinds available for female riders.
  • These are said to be one of the most elegant kinds, fit for women.
  • In terms of performance this bicycle is really worth buying.

Raleigh Pioneer Metro LX Ladies Bundle:

  • These bikes have recently been updated with new features and have been designed exclusively for women riders.
  • The wheel size of these bikes is around 700cc.
  • These bikes are made up of Airlite Aluminium material.
  • V brake is an advanced feature which comes with power.
  • The good thing is that they have adjustable angles and also come with low rise bars.

Pashley Princess Classic Green 22.5 inch:

  • This is an all time favourite owing to its style and quality which it never fails to compromise upon.
  • Whether it is the brakes or handle bar everything appears to be just the perfect for female riders.
  • The pedals are made up of non alloy slip.
  • The bike consists of 3 speed hub gears.
  • The chain case, mudguards and the bell all appear to be in tandem with quality.

Ladies’ Schwinn 700C Trail Way Hybrid Bike:

  • It is composed of aluminium frame.
  • This hybrid bike comes with RTS Omni 790 front suspension fork also.
  • The pull brakes give it an added feature, these brakes are composed of Promax alloy linear.
  • It has a suspension seat post.
  • The comfort bar is around 30mm high.
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