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Best Long Distance Running Shoes

Buying Long Distance Running Shoes

MAR 4 2010

Best long distance running shoes are a must for the runners, keeping in view the long distances they have to run. In such a case, when it comes to buying long distance running shoes then be sure to check strength, efficiency and durability of the shoes. Since the impact is high on the feet and ankles so these shoes must have well built cushions to protect the feet.

Marathon runners need to be specifically concerned with their running shoes. They should keep in mind that they would be running over a long time period and hence must be ready to wear running shoes which are in one way or the other best for them- helps them run with ease and also are comfortable for them.

Buying Running Shoes

Don’t buy cheap running shoes, try to buy the best for your feet, since a lack of good quality shoes may lead to blisters on your feet which may prove dangerous over the course of running. The shoe manufacturers have been designing shoes keeping in view the demands of the long distance running shoes of the marathon runners. But before you buy, make sure that they fit properly in your feet, you are able to walk and run with ease. Long distance running shoes of various companies are available and it depends upon your choice and requirements of what you choose from. Running shoes should be able to provide you with cushion and thick padding which keeps your feet in a comfort zone.

Types of Long Distance Running Shoes

ProGrid Stabil CS- these running shoes are available for both men and women runners and hence are much in demand, they are light and stable and provide the much needed flexibility to your feet. Its cushioning provides stability to your heel.

Karhu Strong Fulcrum Ride- they are meant for men, and provide a secure fit to your feet, they are made simple and subtle without much design. These shoes are said to be apt for over pronation.

Ascis GT-2140- these shoes are well built with an impact guidance system. They are exclusively meant for women runners and thereby take into account women’s requirements into consideration. They are able to recognise the changes in the shape of women’s arch.

AdiZero Boston Running Shoe- they are from the Adidas company. They are light built and specially effective for the hardest training which a runner might opt for. Provided with a rubber sole and also with air mesh which provides ventilation for your feet. It also protects the feet from harmful impact forces.

Mythos 280 GB- these are light in weight and designed keeping in view the long distance races and training for long hours. .Since the impact is high on the feet and ankles so these shoes must have well built cushions to protect the feet.

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