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Best Marathon Running Shoes for Women

Best Women Marathon Running Shoes

DEC 1 2010

Women marathon shoes are different from that of men since their feet are different. Best marathon running shoes for women include features like breathability, mesh control. Some of the features are good for under pronators and neutral runners. Shoes from Adidas, Nike, Asics are some of the good brands and same is the case with Saucony, New Balance.

When it comes to running in the marathon you need to be well equipped with the latest and the most comfortable running shoes for yourself. Women runners have to wear shoes which are a little bit different from the men runners owing to the difference in the feet. But care should be taken by the women marathon runners that they are wearing the best running shoes in order to avoid any injury as well as prevent the occurrence of blisters.

When you go to buy the shoes for your feet make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose, they should fit your feet properly, and they need to be lightweight also. There are various companies which manufacture the running shoes for women runners.

Women’s Nike Luna Racer +2

These are said to be the most suitable running shoes for women runners who want to participate in the 5K runs. They are quite soft shoes made keeping in view the women feet in mind, the cushioning provided is also good. They are quite breathable and also consist of Flywire. These are said to be quite light then the other running shoes along with that they are good from the point of view of stability and strength also. You can wear these shoes even for workouts and they will help you give the better performance than others. They consist of Flywire construction and so there are present strength fibers in these shoes, they have thin mesh upper. Phylite carrier is available in the midsole of these running shoes.

Adidas Running Marathon 10

These shoes are meant for women so they are available in various vibrant colours. These are specifically meant for those women runners who are neutral or underpronators. They are light weight shoes and provide effective cushioning to the runners feet. They consist of non slip lining which ensures comfort for the women runners. There are some other features also like adiPrene insert which helps in shock absorption features. Formotion is inserted into the shoes which is good for motion control. These are said to be highly durable running shoes and so can be worn even in hilly areas.

You should look at a number of important features before you buy the shoes for marathon running since you have to run for long hours so they need to be durable and breathable. Always check the shoes before you buy.

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