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Best Neutral Cushioned Running Shoe

Neutral Cushioned Shoes for Runners

APR 12 2010

Best neutral cushioned running shoe can be analysed from a wide variety of cushioned shoes available. The neutral cushioned shoe for runners is meant for those who have a high arch. But these shoes lack in support. Almost all shoe companies manufacture the neutral cushioned shoes like Asics, Nike, Reebok, New Balance. So you have a wide choice.

Neutral cushioned shoes are basically meant for those runners who have high arch. These shoes provide the maximum cushion to your feet and thus you are able to run well without any extra support. So you need to buy the neutral cushioned shoes if they fit well in your feet. They work perfectly well if you wear them during the workouts. They are meant to smoothen the ride.

The cushioned shoes have the softest midsole. They fit well in the feet of those who are underpronators and have rigid feet. They are designed in a way so as to ensure foot motion. Cushioned shoes are needed by all those runner who are non in need of any extra medial support, who do not over pronate. They can be used by efficient runners. Various types of neutral cushioning shoes are available in the market to choose from.

Asics Gel Nimbus 11

These are one of the latest shoes from Asics under the cushion type. As these shoes are made on a wide platform so they are extremely stable shoes and also provides maximum comfort to the feet. Equipped with asymmetrical design in the laces they ensure a perfect fit. The Solyte Midsole is able to provide a soft feeling when you wear the shoes.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10

The shoes are provided with Infinity wave which provides a smooth and stable ride to the runner. The Mizuno shoes are also known for their durability. You can easily wear these shoes for long hours without having to worry about these getting torn. They feel easy on the feet and this is the plus point for these shoes.

New Balance MR1063

These shoes offer a perfect fit as they are provided with effective cushioning system at the midsole. These are neutral shoes which come with Cocona Phantom liner, this is meant to ensure breathability to the shoes and thus helps to keep the moisture away from the feet. Thus, your foot is saved from unnecessary blisters, and moisture related diseases.

New Balance 766

These are one of the most appreciative shoes in the runners world. These come with ‘transitional support’ system. The Absorb system is provided in the heel and the forefoot which not only ensures stability in the shoes but also maximizes the cushioning in the shoes. These are water resistant shoes and so you can always bank upon these shoes in almost all the seasons.

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