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Best Running Gear for Men

Buying Guide for Men’s Running Gear

OCT 7 2008

If you look at the stores and shops today, there are hundreds of different running gears being sold. The problem lies in choosing the correct one that can give you the best running experience. Another thing that you need to consider is how to properly use them.

Men and women have different requirements when it comes to their running gears but generally choosing a running gear is dependent on what kind of personality a person has.

Remember that running gears need not to be expensive. They just need to be able to serve their purpose. Consider also the weather conditions and the place where will you be running. Men’s gear when it comes to running includes gadgets and much steadier running equipment. Here are the things that you need to accompany you during a run.

  • A good pair of running shoes is the most essential equipment in running. It protects you from having an injury. Nowadays running shoes were designed to take in the effect of the impact when you are running. They are made with shock absorption and cushioning that will make you feel comfortable while running. In choosing for a pair, you need to consider the fact that it fits you well and can support the structure of your feet. Here are some top men’s running shoes : Adidas Supernova Cushion 7, Mizuno Wave Elixir 3, Merrell Overdrive and Brooks Addiction Walker.
  • Running socks goes with perfect running shoes. There are many socks sold in the market today. Find one that can keep your feet dry and well supported. There are socks today that are made with double layer. This is best to prevent blisters. You could also find socks that have a support in the heels and balls.
  • There are also running shorts and pants that you could choose from. It could be of any design and style. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable when you are wearing them. Choose clothes that are made from nylon. This decreases the chance of creating friction and chaffing.
  • A good pair of sunglasses is definitely a must when you are going to run. This will decrease your chance in exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure that your glasses can filter ultra violet rays.
  • Aside from glasses, you can add a cap or sunvisor especially when you are running in a sunny day. This can help in preventing pre mature wrinkling.
  • It is a must that you have a jacket especially when you are running in a cold weather. This can prevent the risk of having frostbite or chills. Keep a petroleum jelly handy to put in your lips to avoid it from chapping.
  • If you are running at night, it would be advisable if you have a reflector to avoid any unwanted accident
  • Other accessories that you might need are MP3 players, hydration system, water bottles and even small first aid kit. It would be best if you carry a light backpack to put all these things.


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