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Jackets for Running

OCT 10 2008

Aside from running shoes, a running jacket is another essential thing that you need when you are doing this kind of activity. This is part of the running apparel that you need to have if you are running.

This could be useful when you are running in a cold climate. The cold weather can be a challenge for any runner because it can decrease their energy.

Some people would rather opt to just sit in front of the fireplace and watch television. The good news is that there are now clothing apparel like running jackets that were design to make it pleasurable and inviting running experience especially during the worst weather condition. They have developed the latest design to this kind of running apparel.

Running jackets today are not created equal. Some got a design and built that can protect you from all possible kind of weather. When you decide to purchase one, get something to match with the running environment that you have. Here are some top running jackets that you can choose from.

  • Flex running jacket from Sugoi – This jacket has a large reflective panels and ideal when you want to run at night. This can certainly reflect the headlights of any car. This is a great all weather shell jacket. This jacket is made from water resistant material and mesh ventilation that can keep you warm during cold days.
  • Kaspian Half Zip Running Jacket from New Balance – This jacket is made out of polyester-spandex material that is very soft and stretchy. This doesn’t hold any sweat. This is ideal if the temperature drops below 55 degrees. You also have a place to cover your hands. It has a 7.5 inch zipper jacket that offers good ventilation.
  • Phantasm from Go Light – This is a hooded running jacket that is made from Gore-tex pac lite. This is a good jacket for snowy environment.
  • Fly running jacket from Pearl Izumi – This jacket weighs at 3.2 ounces. It is very light, slim fit and no frill design. This is entirely made from polyester. This jacket can breathe well and can protect you from the wind. This is good for early morning run as it can provide you warmth and comfort.
  • Nimbus II from Sporthill – This the best among the running jacket ever made because it is made from weatherproof fibers. There is a reflective line that runs along the back and chest so the people can easily spot you during the night. Its neckline is made out of fleece that is good on cold days.
  • Chockstone jersey running jacket from Mountain Hardware – This is made from double weave fabric. This pullover type kind of jacket is as comfortable as a long sleeve shirt. This is better as a base layer. There is 12 inch zipper that can provide serious ventilation.
  • Synapse from Outdoor Research – This 3.3 light jacket is just like a part of your skin. This can keep you dry and warm. It got an interior chest pockets for your things.



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