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Best Running Shoe for Back Pain

Buying a Running Shoe for Back Pain

SEP 27 2010

Back pain and running are said to be related to each other if you are not wearing the right kind of shoes for running. These shoes are said to be quite well built shoes, they need to have effective cushioning system. Best running shoes for back pain includes Asics Gel Nimbus 11, Nike Zoom Vomero +4

As the runners put enormous pressure on their back while running, a large number of them tend to suffer from back pain if they run for long hours. A number of times a wrong choice of the shoes for running too might be responsible for back pain so it is quite important as to the kind of shoes which you are wearing at the time of running.

Back Pain in Runners

Runners basically suffer from back pain due to the strain on muscles. If the runners are having weak abdominal muscles or if there has been foot imbalance the end result is back pain of the most severe kinds. Thus the runners need to be quite careful as to the kind of shoes which they are wearing.

If you have been suffering from problems in running then it is the right time to change the shoes. It is important that you go to a reputed shoe store for finding the kind of shoes for yourself. Make sure the shoes are comfortable and fit your feet properly.

Shoes for Runners with Back Pain

Motion control shoes are perhaps one of the best running shoes for those suffering from back pain. These shoes are meant for those runners whose feet overpronate. If the runner is suffering from overpronation then it is likely that he might be suffering from back pain as well.

Apart from the motion control shoes, there are a number of other kind of shoes which too you can wear like the Asics Gel Evolution 5, Brooks Addiction 8, some other shoes meant for runners with back include the Nike Zoom

Equation+4, Mizuno Wave Renegade.

Trail shoes are yet another type of running shoes meant for runners. These shoes provide excellent traction and comfort to the runners and since they can carry the extra burden so they are perfect for the runners.

You need to purchase the running shoes of the best quality. It is good if the shoes which you are purchasing are cushioned shoes. The cushioned shoes are said to be quite good for the runners as they are having higher arches.
If the shoes are not having effective cushioning system then it is likely that the shoes might cause problem when you are running for long hours. In the absence of proper amount of cushioning there might be chances that you might be suffering from back pain in the lower abdomen. Some of the best cushioned shoes for runners are Asics Gel Nimbus 11, Nike Zoom Vomero +4.

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