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Best Running Shoes for Beginners

Tips to Buy Running Shoes for Beginners

APR 5 2010

There are a number of tips to buy running shoes for beginners. Always buy shoes at the evening time, take the help of shoe expert, and determine the foot type by following a simple wet test at home. There are a number of Best Running Shoes for beginners available like the High Cushioned Shoes, Middle Arched Running Shoes.

When it comes to buying the running shoes for beginners then you need to be extra careful by all means. After all it is going to be your first running shoe and you cannot simply afford to buy the wrong pair or else you and your feet are surely going to suffer.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you intend to buy your first pair of running shoes it is essential that you take the help and advice of someone who already has an experience in the running shoes. There are a number of things which you need to take into consideration before you finally buy the shoe- these include your weight since the shoes have to bear all your weight, your foot movement , the shape of your foot as well as whether the shoe which you choose needs to come in your budget.

Determining your foot shape is of prime importance. Most of the branded shoe stores have this facility available where they can help you analyse your foot type and gait. But if you can’t find any such store then you can perform a simple test at home to know your foot shape. Make your foot wet and then keep your foot on a piece of paper. The shape of your foot will appear on the paper. There are three possibilities-either you will be having flat foot, normal foot or high arched foot.

Types of Shoes Available

Depending upon the foot type where types of shoes are available in the market. These may be Low Arch running shoe, Motion Control Running shoes, Middle Arched Running Shoes, High Arch Running Shoes. These are some of the types of running shoes which you need to choose from. The shoe expert is the perfect person to help you determine the right type of shoes.

Apart from this you also need to take into account a number of other factors as well. The most important is that you should never shop for your shoes in the morning time. Rather go to buy the shoes in the noon or evening since at this time your feet have become slightly bigger. You can also take with you your old pair of running shoes with you which too may serve as a guide when you buy the new one. Check out the traction system of the shoes, whether they have padding and cushioning system to make your feet soft.

Yet another factor is that you should never compromise on the quality of the shoe since it is very important to keep your feet free of blisters and wounds.

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