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Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Choosing Running Shoes for Bunions

APR 5 2010

There are a number of factors to take into consideration before you decide how to choose running shoes for bunions. It is big problem for runners who might have a wide toe joint as pressure may lead to more pain and it might get swollen up. Various best running shoes for bunions are available in the market.

Patients with bunions find it quite difficult to find the right type of shoe as per your foot type. Since you need to find the shoe which does not hurt your feet, most of the time it becomes quite difficult to choose the right shoe. So when you opt to buy the shoes make sure they have enough of wide space at the toebox. Women with bunion problem can try wearing the men’s shoes since they will better suit them due to the heel size ratio.

Indeed it becomes quite difficult for all those runners who have bunions to run smoothly, since the enlargement of the toe joint may become a hindrance in running. Since owing to pressure on the foot, the toe may become swollen up, leading to severe pain. Thus the runners with bunions need to be extra cautious while choosing the shoes.

Types of shoes for bunions-

Saucony Pro Grid Omni

This is regarded as one of the most popular shoes meant for those with bunions. They serve well since they are stable and durable shoes and thereby provide a comfortable fit. These shoes come in various widths. The Saucony shoes are considered to be excellent for those runners who have bunions. The toe box is quite wide and thus more cushioning is provided at the toes.

Women’s New Balance 845 Stability Shoes

These shoes too serve well those runners with bunions. The shoes come with shock absorption features which helps to provide cushioning system to the feet. The Dual Density Strobel Shock system in these shoes is meant to provide flexibility and stability to the rear foot and fore foot. Rollbar are the graphic plates provided in these shoes which intend to provide support to the shoes at the lateral level.

Men’s New Balance 845 Stability Shoes

These come with laces and provide a well custom fit to the feet of those with bunions. These shoes too come with Rollbar and Dual Density Strobel shock. They come with shock absorption features thus you may easily enjoy your run without having to worry about the shoes.

Women’s Pedors Vienna

They are basically called as the bunion shoe and are considered to be a fine synthesis of style and comfort. They come with medial and lateral panels which are stretchable enough to accommodate all types of feet. They are made up of soft Napa Leather and almost all the working professionals can wear them as they come with elegance and style apart from the comfortable fit.

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Name: Kevin

I have some Asics 4E wide shoes that work good for me.

Name: Lisa

If you are a runner that does the old tape-the-bunion routine, try Bunion Bootie - it's less complicated then tape :)

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