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Best Running Shoes for a Marathon

Choosing the Best Running Shoes to Run a Marathon

AUG 13 2008

Marathon running is very challenging. A runner needs patience and endurance. Most importantly, a runner needs the right running shoes for a marathon. The gruesome training and actual competitions for marathon running can really take a toll on a runnerís feet.

It is needful to get running shoes that will protect oneís feet and provide maximum comfort during the long run.

If you want to run marathons as a professional then invest in the right running shoes. Marathon running shoes may require a bit more money but getting a good quality pair will spell all the difference to foot care and running performance.

Asics is a good brand. Features are very desirable, lightweight yet stable. A pair can cost $100USD and above. New Balance, Brooks, and others also have their own line of marathon running shoes.

Choose first and foremost, not by brand, but by feet type. Know your arch. Do you have normal arches, high, or low ones? Then, know your feet movement. Is it normal, overpronating, or underpronating?

You may visit specialty stores or specialized running shoes stores (or athlete shoe stores). They often give solid advice on good running shoes. If you seem to have a non-normal arch and feet movement, it might be best to have your feet condition properly assessed before going out and buying your first pair.

General tips would be to try shoes out in socks. Maintain at least a half inch of allowance. Don’t buy an exact size, leave some room for your big toe to move and expand in. Feet expand throughout the day so purchase in the afternoon.

Running shoes will eventually wear out so keep a spare on hand. Make sure you spend enough time for a “break-in” before actually using a new pair for training or competition. Regularly check your current pair for wear out and tear. Replace pads, cushions, orthotics, and insoles as needed.

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