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Best Running Shoes in the World

Which are The Best Running Shoes

MAR 16 2010

With a larger number of shoe brands in the market and each trying to be different from the other it is indeed quite difficult to ascertain as which are the best running shoes in the world.

Since there are many, so the choice solely depends upon the runner to decide since each one has a different feet and what suits one may not suit the other. Deciding as to which are the best shoes depends upon the person’s foot type.

Factors which decides the Best Shoes

Choosing the best of the running shoes depends on not just factor rather a number of factors join in together before one can buy the best shoes- it all depends upon the weight of the individual, the type of surface area on which you intend to run whether it is smooth surface, pavement, road or just an uneven terrain; the shape of your feet.

Stability running shoes are said to be best suited for those runners who have a normal arch and can be said to have mild or overpronation feet. So you can opt for Asics Gel Kayano 15. For those runner who have a normal arch Asics Gel 1140 are said to fit the most. They have the most natural gaits and thus can be worn with ease and comfort. Available at an affordable price range they can easily fit into your normal budget. Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS serves the interest of those who are overpronators since they have a rigid support system and also well built cushioning system. These are the motion control shoes.

Best Running Shoes

When it comes to best running shoes, definitely New Balance is a name to reckon with. Each one of its brands are unique and distinct and designed with best of the best features. New Balance 1063 shoes are just the perfect shoes for those who are underpronators. These shoes are designed for those with higher arches and who run the risk of suffering from any kind of injury if the shoes are not proper. These shoes simply stand out in the crowd.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 are said to be the best stability shoes in running as they serve to be perfect for neutral runners and for those who are over pronators. Along with style, it has stability and the cushioning as the key attributes.
Adidas Cushion 7 and Nike Pagasus are for those who have high arches. These shoes come with cushioning system which makes them soft at the feet and also protects the brain from all types of foot problems.

When it comes to flat foot runners, the best choice appears to be Mizuno Alchemy 9 as they tend to provide one of the best motion supports to the flat feet runners of the world. They help to prevent the rolling of the feet when you tend to run fast.

Thus ample variety of shoes is available and you may choose the one which suits you the best.

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