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Best Support Running Shoes

Top Support Running Shoes to Buy

MAR 31 2011

There are various types of support running shoes which are available in the runners world and tend to serve the runners interests well. These shoes may be cushioned shoes, motion control shoes or trail running shoes. When you buy these shoes you have to see that they need to be cushioned and come with upper mesh control.

When it comes to running and taking part in races like marathon or half marathon you need to wear the best shoes. In fact you should not compromise on the shoes quality or else your feet will suffer a lot.

Types of Running Shoes:

  • There are several types of running shoes which are available in the market today and you need to buy the one which suits your feet the best. There are stability running shoes, cushioned shoes; performance training shoes and many more such kind of shoes are available.
  • Cushioning shoes- are for you if you don’t overpronate. They serve well the forefoot strikers as well. If you are having high arches then surely you will perform the best in cushioning shoes.
  • Motion control running shoes- are meant for you if the arch of your foot is in need of extra support. These are also worn by those runners who want more of stability while running due to their weight.

Types of Stability Running Shoes:

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS- these are regarded as one of the best shoes in terms of stability. They serve the interest of the neutral runners. These can be worn by overpronators also. These shoes have the perfect cushioning in them and hence you can wear them in the long runs with ease.
  • Asics Gel Kayano- these too are one of the most comfortable running shoes which are available at almost all the prime locations and meet the demands of the runners to a larger extent by being comfortable and cool to wear. They have the fit and cushioning which are needed in the shoes. A must buy for the runners.
  • Brooks Addiction- these shoes come with a forefoot which is unique and different and hence are preferred by the runners. They are said to be highly durable running shoes and so you can buy them as they will go on for long time.
  • Nike Zoom Nucleus- All those runners who are in need of greater cushioning and support should by these shoes which are also said to be one of the technical shoes. They come with an upper mesh control feature which makes these shoes worth wearing in marathon and in other runs as well.

Before buying you need to go for a wet test which will tell your foot type whether you have a normal arch, flat arch or a high arch. This is essential for you to know only then you can buy right shoes.

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