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Best Time to Exercise

Know Pros and Cons of Particular Exercising Time

SEP 11 2009

Chunk of people keep exercising in early morning hours. Such timing is chosen to develop exercising habit which streamlines other activities since morning itself. This is the time when least distraction or interruption is possible. One also enjoys improved mental sharpness for hours after finishing exercise in morning in cool temperature. Interestingly several contradictions are also there and some suggest that evening is best because of numerous practical factors.

You can choose morning as preferred exercising hour keeping in view lowest air pollution on this time when body fits for exercise but try to learn alternative options too.

Your simple rescheduling in time and early rising would be enough to make morning best exercising occasion. According to assumptions people enjoy good heart rate besides developing excellent body metabolism to burn extra calories by exercising in morning hours. They also develop the feeling of physical energy for the whole day thereafter. But many intricacies are also involved with this timing factor which needs to be understood minutely before planning the workout schedule.

Causes of Concern: The time spreading to 1 to 3 hours before getting up in morning has unique temperament with lowest body temperature. Resultantly bodies feel lower energy and blood flow on such occasions. Cold and stiffer muscles in morning are more prone to injuries when one keeps exercising at that time. It is therefore important to warm up body completely prior to doing high intensity workouts and exercises that need gentle stretching. One has to develop habit of enjoying exercising in such hours. Failing in schedule or lapse may cause complications instead of offering benefits.

Why to Choose Evening Time? On contrary to morning hours evening time is also considered suitable due to various practical aspects like ability to bring body temperature and hormones at higher level in late afternoon. People enjoy such occasion as best calorie-burning time. Timing is the key factor in exercising activities as it makes great and wondrous difference in body building process. But still you can’t consider some specific time ‘best fitted occasion’ for exercising.

Enjoy convenient time available to you whether it is morning or evening for exercising purpose. Managing time from hectic schedule in itself is tough job and making further choice would certainly complicate such scheduling process. Choose time in which you can stick consistently and enjoy workouts without stress.

Choose Your Own Time: One following consistent exercising schedule in morning hours prepares his/her body to be ready for such hallmarking act of the day, so does those preferring evening hours for this purpose. Switching to evening and vice versa would simply invite uneasiness. Some of us are morning walkers and exercisers. Likewise others may enjoy exercising later in the day. Individual choices play important role in developing both routines.

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