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Best Walking Backpacks

Buying Guide for Walking Backpack

JAN 20 2010

The walkers should never become dehydrated. So when you buy, buy the best walking backpacks by keeping in mind that it should have a belt so that you can tie it along with your jacket as well as it has the right amount of storage for the total length of your walk. These things you need to see in the backpacks.

All those who love to walk prefer to visit the far off places by walking rather than by train or bus. They want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as stay fit. So, these people should always keep a backpack with them. ‘Keep Drinking’ is the key word here. A number of backpacks are available in the market and you can choose as per your need and requirement.

These packs allow you to take a water bottle when you go out for long walks, so that you never run out of water when you feel thirsty. When buying look for padded shoulder straps and waist belts. If they have sternum straps it is all the more good as the weight of water bottle along with some other essential materials can be distributed equally. Reflective trim is also a plus point.

Three types of Backpacks are Available

External-frame, internal-frame and frameless. Internal frame packs are meant for the travellers primarily, they consist of travel packs and top loaders. Framless packs consist of the rucksacks and dry packs. Duffel bags too though in the right sense are not backpacks but they too are used by many travellers as the backpacks.

Types of Backpacks

Whenever you go out, try to carry a light back pack. It will be easier for you to carry. You can walk at ease. But if your pack is heavier you can never be called a happy traveller. FIT fluid Intake Tracker is a great way to monitor your fluid intake all along the way. Gregory Packs are the perfect for walkers, a complete series is available. These include single as well as multiple bottle holders, water bladder systems and dry packs. Deuter Day Packs and Hip Packs are also designed keeping in view the needs of walkers and so you can rely on these. Apart from these there are lower Alpine packs, Kelty Lumbar packs which too have some special features making them worth buying. REI Evening Star, Vaude Rock Tiger, Jansport West Indies are some others.

For travellers, backpack is the basic tool in the walking gear, they simply can’t move without it. The women are likely to benefit more since the heavy burden is shifted from the upper body to the stronger hips. ‘Travel Light’ is the philosophy you need to follow in such a scenario. Keep only a few emergency items with you.

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