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Best Walking Gear to Buy

Walking Gear that you Need for Walking

AUG 20 2008

It is often said that health is wealth and one cannot deny that one of the easiest ways to good health is proper exercise through walking. Walking can be done anytime, anywhere with no or minimal gear needed.

This article seeks to help you realize the benefits of walking and the most essential walking gear you need.

In a world where sitting in front of a colored box has been the norm and technology has revolutionized the idea of traveling, less and less people are seen stretching out there legs and exercising. A study showed that an average person normally walks just about 1,000 to 3,000 steps per day. Studies also show that 5,000 steps per day is the ideal for every person. What are the benefits of walking and why should we try and make time for this seemingly ordinary activity? Just like any other exercise, walking is good for one’s health for a number of reasons. Walking burns calories thereby reducing weight and along with the weight it also reduces the risk of diseases. Walking also regulates the blood circulation and exercises the heart thereby regulating blood pressure and reducing the chances of heart disease and stroke. It has also been said that walking lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and even cancer. Also, since walking is a type of exercise, it increases endorphins in the body giving one a more positive and stress free outlook in life.

Now that you know some of the benefits of walking, you may be wondering what kind of walking gear one should have, whether it is outdoors or just in the comforts of your living room. It is probably unnecessary to note that shoes are one of the essential walking gears that any walker should have. Wear comfortable shoes while walking so as not to experience pain or develop any blisters. It is generally good to have walking shoes that have a lot of toe room and flexible soles. There are many ready made walking shoes available in the market but there are also specialized walking shoes to meet one’s special foot needs.

To go along with the shoes is a pair of socks. Generally, it has been recommended to choose socks of cool max or Thorlo rather than the ordinary cotton socks as they will make you feel drier and more comfortable. The type of clothing that you wear is also important in walking. Rather than choosing cottony shirts, it is recommended that one wears clothing made from wicking fabrics as they are more comfortable and they remove the sweat away from your body.

Many walkers take water for granted. Water is one of the most essential walker “gear” that anybody should have. It is recommended that one drinks required water before, during and after walking. It is good to drink water regularly while walking. One should drink every twenty minutes while walking. Choose a water bottle which is not big or small enough to hold required water. Bottle should be medium in size so that it won’t get cumbersome in carrying along the way.

Optional walking gear includes the pedometer, a heart rate monitor, an MP3 or ipod, and a training diary, among others.

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