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Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes that are the Best for Flat Feet

JAN 18 2010

Best Walking shoes for flat feet need to be chosen with utmost care since they can prevent your feet from injuries and blisters. Shoes which are the best for flat feet are those in which you feel comfortable and you can easily walk for long distances. All shoes are not fit for flat feet, so it is important that you choose accordingly.

Almost all people are born with different shapes of the feet. Some are born with a flat foot which can create sometimes problem as well especially when you have to search for the basic necessity like shoes for your feet.

Test for Flat Feet

It is easy to find out whether you have a flat foot or not. This you can do with the help of ‘wet foot test’. Just wet the bottom of your feet and stand on a piece of paper, if you get a very straight shape than it implies you are having a flat foot. Physically it appears that there is almost no curve which is going inward from your toe to your heel. Another way to find out is that when you press on any surface your foot seems to spread out.

Too narrow or too wide shoes may cause blisters and calluses in your feet, so before buying take into account the width and length of the shoe. Toe box if it doesn’t provide enough room for your toes can make your walk troublesome and if not changed at the right can even lead to various foot disorders like bunions and hammertoes.

Feet arches play an important role in the overall distribution of weight. Basically the foot fall into three types of arches- the neutral arched foot, low arched foot and the high arched foot. The flat feet fall in the low arched feet category. These may cause various muscle stress as well as pain in the feet and knees. So, try to buy those shoes which have a straight last and motion control so that your feet are stabilised and you don’t suffer from any type of pain while walking.

Which Shoes to Buy for Flat Feet

People who are having a flat foot should not buy any shoe as per their fancy or likeness rather they should be quite particular since such persons are said to be overpronators as there foot rolls inward when they run, their arches will collapse when they do cycling. So the best shoes for such people are those that are highly stable and are equipped with motion control materials. They can also wear shoes which have a firm mid sole as these will prevent you from rolling over and thus you can walk comfortably. Shoes that are highly curved in inward soles should be avoided at all costs as they may cause pain in your feet. For running purpose you can chose to have shoes that have comfort pads but these shouldn’t be over curved.

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